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Radio Liferay Episode 17: Jeffrey Handa on Training offerings

Company Blogs January 28, 2012 By Olaf Kock Staff

  Some listeners asked for an overview over the training courses that Liferay offers. Well - as I love feedback and try to do everything that gets suggested, I wanted to follow up on this suggestion. (This is a hint for all listeners: If there's something you're particularly interested in: There are good chances that I'm following up on that)

So I sat together with Jeffrey Handa, Senior Training Consultant and Project Manager at Liferay and we spoke about Liferay's training offers, the existing courses, the new offerings, what changes are planned for the next time etc..

We talked about

  • Jeff just had his 3rd birthray when we spoke, so he's in his fourth year now (I stole the term "birthray" from Julio someone in the spanish office - can't remember who it was though, help me to get credit)
  • Jeff is one of the people with the "classic" way of joining Liferay - sorry, there's no interesting story here.
  • Jeff is involved in training: Preparing the material and actually teaching in trainings.
  • We're speaking about the training courses Liferay offers and Jeff gives some description of what the courses are about, also on the cooperation with liferay's knowledge management team. This includes the classic courses (PortalAdmin, PortalDeveloper, SystemAdmin) as well as the new courses (ThemeDevelopment and AdvancedPortalDeveloper)
  • some impressions of my (Olaf's) experience teaching portal admin training to customers that were using Liferay for some years already: They still got very good value out of it
  • What knowledge you should have before taking one of the new courses: "building a theme" and "advanced portal development"
  • Part of AdvancedPortalDevelopment is Writing Applications in webcontent. I have talked to Ray about this - he also has blogged about it.
  • Jeff is mentioning the ContentAdministrator course and the vision for what PortalAdmin can be about. Now I wonder if we will rename it to PortalNinja sooner or later.
  • Plans for what trainings will evolve to
  • What PortalAdminExpress is, when it is applicable
  • Trainings are available in several local languages as well.
  • Plans for certification and exams
  • Training is available on all supported EE versions - and public trainings will typically be held on the latest available EE version (but typically be released a bit after the EE release - if you expect the training to be on a specific version it pays to ask upfront. But we also speak about differences between the different versions, so that training is relevant for users of all versions of Liferay.

You'll find this episode - and make sure that you don't miss any of the future episodes - by subscribing to the RSS feed, on itunes or with your podcatcher of choice - you'll find all the options on www.liferay.com/radio. And if you want to get notified when the next episode is out, follow @RadioLiferay

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Olaf, guess that "birthray" was said by Julio... Juan Gonzalez January 28, 2012 10:21 AM
Hi Juan, thanks for the notice - corrected... Olaf Kock January 28, 2012 1:37 PM

Olaf, guess that "birthray" was said by Julio the first time :-D
Posted on 1/28/12 10:21 AM.
Hi Juan, thanks for the notice - corrected above...
Posted on 1/28/12 1:37 PM in reply to Juan Gonzalez P.