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Radio Liferay Episode 15: Greg Amerson on Developer Tooling

Company Blogs January 8, 2012 By Olaf Kock Staff

  For the annual Liferay Retreat, I was in L.A. again and took the opportunity to record several new episodes - this one as a nice fireside chat - the first one with a live audience, though they have not been interacting too much - just been in the same room :)

In this session I talked with Greg Amerson, the author of Liferay's development tooling.

This is one of the first recordings on new gear, unfortunately levelling was not ideal, so it had to significantly be amplified and denoised - bringing some drawbacks in audio quality, mainly noise despite the denoising, but you'll be able to stand it - promised. Also, I hoped to get this out before the holiday season, unfortunately this didn't work out that well for various reasons - Sorry for that, you'll get your late christmas wishes in this episode.

Among other topics we talked about:

  • Greg got his exposure to Eclipse Tooling from being one of the first people to work on the MyEclipse product
  • The distincion between Liferay IDE (for Liferay CE) and Liferay Developer Studio (for Liferay EE)
  • The impressive size of the team to have worked on Liferay Tooling until now and from now on.
  • Greg's current location: Working from the China Office and how he got from Texas to China and the future plans.
  • The story how Greg found Liferay (you have to hear this - you might even learn your first words in Mandarin)
  • The difference the IDE support made in Developer Training - and what ideas he and the team have in addition of the current features (please provide feedback on what you expect from developer tooling)
  • Some of the ideas: Maven, personal templates, Marketplace, remote deployment and debugging
  • A vision for the stability of Liferay's plugin environment

You'll find this episode - and make sure that you don't miss any of the future episodes - by subscribing to  http://feeds.feedburner.com/RadioLiferay with your favourite podcatcher. You can also subscribe on itunes.: Just search for "Radio Liferay" or just "Liferay" in the podcast directory.

Find Greg as @greg_amerson, me as @olafk or my Alter Ego for just this program as @RadioLiferay on twitter.

Something else...

Radio Liferay now has its own landing page at www.liferay.com/radio. So if you want to recommend this podcast to somebody, this is where you should point them to.

Also, I'd like to get more of your feedback: Do you feel this is valuable? Whereever you get the podcast - if there's an opportunity to rate it please do so - e.g. itunes currently does not have enough votes to display an average . Also, please provide feedback to the episodes so that I can balance the next topics and adjust them a bit more to your interest. You can do that on my blog or on twitter.

I do have a long list of community contributors that I'll contact in the next weeks to prepare some more recordings and mix them with the Liferay Employees as this whole program is not purely about the company people. Feel free to suggest more interviewees and topics though.

Thank you!

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That is a great story to hear how Greg joined... Bradley Wood January 9, 2012 9:57 AM

Bradley Wood
That is a great story to hear how Greg joined liferay, I had never heard that. It was very cool to hear how everyone was at the right place at the right time saying the right thing.
Posted on 1/9/12 9:57 AM.