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Radio Liferay Episode 12: The Brians

Company Blogs December 1, 2011 By Olaf Kock Staff

  Liferay for your ears - I had the opportunity to record a session with 3/4 of the founders, namely all the Brians (simplifying the "y" in Bryan to "i" for this pluralization): Brian Chan (Chief Software Architect), Brian Kim (Chief Operating Officer), Bryan Cheung (Chief Executive Officer).

Some of the topics we talked about:

  • How they met and started to work despite different music and food taste
  • How or if college grades (might) relate to real life
  • While they used to live on the same floor some time, now they are still on the same planet...
  • Crazy organic growth and the hardest year, Rooming arrangements and sacrifices during the startup phase
  • The honorary Brian (the fourth founder, who could not join the recording), Mike Young, and why he should use EJBs for his marriage, what risk he took
  • How Caris put up with Brian's activity after 10pm and got Liferay's invoices off of notepad
  • The long term plans, "no exit" strategy and how a business can help to do good
  • And at the end the microphone unexpectedly turned around, and I give away pieces of my history with Liferay

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Obligatory Twitter Links: Brian Chan, Brian Kim, Bryan Cheung, me and RadioLiferay

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