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DevCon 2014 Call For Paper and Registration open. Unconference coming again

Company Blogs August 8, 2014 By Olaf Kock Staff

It's public - Registration for DevCon 2014 (Wed-Thu, 5.-6. Nov) is open. And we're looking for your participation to make it an even bigger success. This year we're going to Darmstadt, just south of Frankfurt. The venue "Darmstadtium" is named after a chemical element that was named in honor of the city where it's first been created - it's one of those very heavy elements (atomic number 110) and predicted to behave like Platinum.

Platinum or at least Gold is what we'd like to see in your submissions: Check the Devcon homepage's Call For Papers for topics that we're looking for - but do submit even if your interesting topic doen't fit our list. (closing 22. Aug). Yes, it's short notice, so get up and submit quickly.

You'll notice that the Unconference (Tuesday, 4. Nov) will be held again. Like last year, space is limited, and it's expected to sell out quickly (the venue limits us - there's no way we can open up more space). If you want to be at the unconference it's wise to register early. The unconference is a spontaneously structured day where we focus on technical aspects of Liferay and you'll be able to bring in your topics.

If you're not lucky enough to get a seat at the unconference - or if you're more interested in the business aspects anyway - you might be interested in Liferay Portal Solutions Forum, which also takes place on Tuesday, 4. November, parallel to the unconference. Note that LPSF will be in german language. The two are distinctly different events and can't be interchanged at will (due to the space limitations)

Next, if you ever wanted to get highly condensed knowledge about Liferay, we're holding a "Mastering Liferay Fundamentals Express" Training on Monday, 3. Nov. This teaches the same topics as the original 2-day version of that training, with less exercises and higher density.

Find the combination that fits your needs best and book your event package. If you want to make sure to get a seat at the unconference: Register as soon as you can as space is limited - you have been warned.

We also will have another community meeting on 4. November. Stay tuned for more updates on that event. Note that - like last year - we'll require registration to hand out coupons for drinks (and to have an idea of how many of you will show up)

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