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Day of Liferay - what will I do?

Company Blogs April 8, 2013 By Olaf Kock Staff

Not long until the Day of Liferay - I'll have 30 minutes to fill, and this is what I intend to cover:

A part of my job is in presales, answering all kinds of questions about what Liferay can or cannot do. Some features are almost there, but require a bit of custom development. Now when I reassure customers that this change is actually not that deep, and easy to maintain, I'm doing this before we build a trust relationship (after all, it's presales and customers easily assume you rather overpromise)

I'm planning to demonstrate a few POC plugins that I stumbled upon when I was wondering myself how easy it would be to add certain features. This involves

  • Extending the Blogs Portlet to be able to host podcasts
  • Rediscovering drag&drop hints that indicate dropzones in Layout templates (for arranging portlets on the page)
  • Assisting in the translation process
  • Making a portlet's performance reports well visible
  • and others, maybe we get to some interactivity here

Also, you might have realized that the publication frequency for Radio Liferay continues to be low - sorry for that. I'd like to cover more external content - talk to actual users and know about their work with Liferay. For this I'd like to collect pointers, feedback and ideas on how to continue with this format. Any volunteers?

Lastly, I'm constantly collecting Well Hidden Features. If you have any that you find worth mentioning, please bring them with you. They might be obvious for you, but eye-opening for others.

See you Wednesday, 10:30 CEST, 8:30 UTC, I'm working hard to regain my voice until then.

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As I mentioned previously, I'm in Olaf for... Jay Patel April 9, 2013 7:30 AM

As I mentioned previously, I'm in Olaf for radio episodes.
Posted on 4/9/13 7:30 AM.