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Call for Participation: Presentations and Lightning Talks at the European Symposium

Company Blogs July 27, 2011 By Olaf Kock Staff

Registration for the 4th European Symposium is open. In addition to the formats known from the last years, we're planning to add Lightning Talks to the event - If you plan to come to the symposium, you might want to consider presenting your project, plugin, neat idea or business case (no plain commercials please) in a Lightning Talk. The rules are simple: You'll get 7 minutes on stage to present. You don't need to take all the time, but you can't take more, as the next one will follow immediately.

Lightning Talks are an ideal way to present your ideas if you feel that it doesn't fill a full session or you don't feel comfortable submitting a full 45 minutes presentation.

Full presentation

Presentation slots are 45 minutes long and typically contain a Q&A section as well. Go for this if your project (and you) can easily fill up this time and you believe that the topic is interesting for the participants.


No matter if you go for full presentations or for Lightning talks: Please participate in our Call For Paper and submit your topics and ideas to make this the best symposium ever. The deadline for submissions is 15. September, but you'll make us happy by submitting earlier.