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Radio Liferay Episode 16: Nathan Shaw on Sesame

Company Blogs January 15, 2012 By Olaf Kock Staff

  Having been raised the way (and time) I have been, I was particularly interested in one project that Liferay is involved in. So I took the opportunity and spoke with Nathan Shaw, Principal Consultant at Liferay, about one of Liferay's (literally) most colorful clients, who luckily has has agreed to be a topic in this podcast. With this, you get an impression of how a highly visible and intense project is structured and what's happening behind the scene. And you'll see a site that doesn't really look like your classic portal. Who am I talking about? Sesame Workshop.

We talked about

  • what your kids think of your work when you're always looking at the Sesame Street while pretending to work.
  • how Sesame frequently releases new content to the site - having fresh content and topics every so often is quite a task for the editorial team.
  • Big parts of what have been custom for Sesame geting into the product now (in 6.1), namely staging, versioning and branching (improved from the version 6.0 implementation).
  • Sesame being in the process of upgrading a high-traffic, high profile site from 5.1 to 6.1
  • the server infrastructure as well as some of the software background (e.g. Alfresco, GSA)
  • how is the site built - e.g. how much is stock, how much is custom? How is it all built?
  • We close with a discussion about how people do find Liferay and learn about the product and the company.

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Something else...

Radio Liferay now has its own landing page at www.liferay.com/radio. So if you want to recommend this podcast to somebody, this is where you should point them to.

Also, I'd like to get more of your feedback: Do you feel this is valuable? Whereever you get the podcast - if there's an opportunity to rate it please do so - e.g. itunes currently does not have enough votes to display an average . Also, please provide feedback to the episodes so that I can balance the next topics and adjust them a bit more to your interest. You can do that on my blog or on twitter.

I do have a long list of community contributors that I'll contact in the next weeks to prepare some more recordings and mix them with the Liferay Employees as this whole program is not purely about the company people. Feel free to suggest more interviewees and topics though.

Thank you!

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