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Radio Liferay Episode 5: Cynthia Wilburn

Company Blogs October 16, 2011 By Olaf Kock Staff

Episode 5 of Radio Liferay is out. I'm speaking with Cynthia Wilburn,  Project Manager at Liferay, the engineering group's professional nag (short: Catherder) and single wringable neck for release dates. We recorded this episode right after Liferay's Westcoast Symposium in the L.A. office in the same room as the last episode with Ray - so we'll have the same echo. I hope you don't mind.

podcast-logo We spoke about these topics - and probably more:

  • Cynthia was once mistaken as a Jira bot
  • The Product Backlog maintained in Liferay's Jira
  • Agile Plugin for Jira (formerly Greenhopper)
  • Recommendations on how to file issues in Liferay's Issuetracker, so that they are taken care of.
  • security issues and how to file them
  • fixpacks and the new patchtool
  • Marketplace
  • Sevencogs Hook
  • Social Office
  • The Definitive Release Date (sic!) for the next version (no link, you'll have to listen ;-)
  • The release philosophy
  • A Releasecandidate planned for 14. Oct. 2011 (Sadly, due to intense work preparing the upcoming european symposium, I didn't manage to publish this before the 14. Oct. So after the fact, this has been relabelled a beta)

You'll find this episode - and make sure that you don't miss any of the future episodes - by subscribing to  http://feeds.feedburner.com/RadioLiferay. You can also subscribe on itunes.: Just search for "Radio Liferay" or just "Liferay" in the podcast directory.

And look Ma - a new Logo for the podcast. Isn't that nice?