Call for Papers

What Are We Looking For?

We're looking for thought-provoking sessions and useful lessons that you can share about how the Liferay Platform has met your business needs. If you have a story to share or a best practice that your organization has used, we want to hear from you!

Please read the following before submitting a paper idea.

There will be two types of sessions:
Presentation (30-40 minutes)
This is a traditional format with visual slides and time for Q&A. We are looking for riveting speakers with interesting and noteworthy presentations to share!
Workshop (1-2 hours)
This is an interactive session where participants will be expected to participate using their own systems (laptop, etc). Any required software will be made available before the session, and any pre-requisite knowledge will be documented. Go for this type of session if you can offer a hands-on workshop session.
The world of Liferay technology can be separated into three main areas: The Liferay Platform, Technology commonly associated with Liferay, and applications of Liferay. Below are some examples of paper topics related to these three areas. You are free to choose your topic, but keep in mind the relevancy to Liferay and its ecosystem.
The Liferay Platform: This topic area focuses on the Liferay Platform. Specific topics revolve around Liferay's architecture, user experience, and support for extensions and integrations.
  • Core Liferay Technology and Frameworks
  • New Features in Liferay 6.2 and beyond
  • Mobile (Mobile First Design, RWD, Mobile SDK, Hybrid Apps)
  • User Experience
  • Developer Experience (Java SE / EE, CI, Tooling)
  • Marketplace
Connected Technologies: This track focuses on technology often used in concert with Liferay. Papers in this area should focus on how these technologies can be used to add facets to a Liferay experience.
  • Languages and Frameworks (JavaEE, Spring, HTML5, AlloyUI, Angular, Node, OSGi, Vert.x, Vaadin, JSF)
  • Database (NoSQL, Big Data)
  • Security (Best Practices, Hardening, Minimization)
  • DevOps (Tooling, Liferay Tuning, Deployment Tips & Best Practices)
  • Deploying Liferay to a Cloud
  • Open Source Topics (Liferay Community, Licensing, Contributing)
Applications and Use Cases: This track focuses on using Liferay in real-world applications. Papers in this area should focus on a specific industry or typical use case for Liferay.
  • Verticals (Government, Education, Healthcare, Automotive, Financials)
  • Social/Collaboration sites
  • Web Publishing
  • IoT Applications"
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