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Call for Papers

Join Other Thought Leaders

Would you like to present at Liferay Symposium North America? Do you have something inspiring, innovative, educational, or just plain interesting to contribute to our agenda? We aren't looking for sales pitches -- we're looking for real people leveraging smart technology to impact the enterprise.

The Call for Papers is now closed. Speaker selections will be announced by September 9.

Speaker Benefits

Speakers will receive:

  • 1 complimentary full conference pass, good for all sessions, keynotes, events, and activities
  • Invitation to the official Liferay VIP dinner
  • A chance to win the MVP (Most Valuable Presentation) prize

Important Dates

  • March 27: Call For Papers opens
  • July 31: Call For Papers closes
  • September 9: Speaker selections announced! 
  • October 7: Final slides due

What Are We Looking For?

We're looking for thought-provoking, eye-opening sessions that showcase interesting ways you've used the Liferay Platform to meet your business needs. If you've got an illuminating story, useful lessons learned, or noteworthy insights, we want to hear from you!

Please read the following before submitting a paper idea!

Session Types

There will be three types of sessions:

  • Discussion topic with slides (45 minutes)
    • In this format, the speaker will spend approximately 45 minutes presenting a topic, along with interactive Q&A. This is a traditional presentation format, and should include visual slides. Go for this 45 minute session if you're a high-impact presenter who can give a stellar 30-minute talk and then take questions for 15 minutes.
  • Discussion + Demo (45 minutes)
    • This format is similar to the traditional format, but it is expected that most of the time will be spent showing working demos related to the topic. If time permits, a Q&A session is also suggested (it could also be encouraged during the presentation)  
  • Workshop (1 hour 45 minute)
    • This is an interactive session where participants will be expected to participate using their own systems (laptop, etc). This session can include slides. Any required software will be made available before the session, and any pre-requisite knowledge will be documented. Go for this type of session if you can offer a hands-on workshop session.

Paper Categories

The world of Liferay technology can be separated into three main areas: The Liferay Platform, Technology commonly associated with Liferay, and applications of Liferay. Below are some examples of paper topics related to these three areas. You are free to choose your topic, but keep in mind the relevancy to Liferay and its ecosystem.

  • The Liferay Platform: This topic area focuses on Liferay as a platform. Specific topics revolve around Liferay's architecture, user experience, and support for extensions and integrations.
    • Core Liferay
    • User Experience
    • Performance
    • Technology Integrations
    • Marketplace
    • Developing with Liferay
    • Community
  • Connected Technologies: This track focuses on technology often used in concert with Liferay. Papers in this area should focus on how these technologies can be used to add facets to a Liferay experience.
    • Languages (e.g. HTML5, Scala, Clojure, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Domain-Specific Languages)
    • Frameworks (e.g. Vaadin, GWT, JSF)
    • Databases (e.g. NoSQL, Big Data, Clustering, Performance Tuning)
    • App Platforms (Java EE core, Spring, and cutting-edge frameworks like node.js)
    • Other
      • Web Caching
      • Continuous Integration
      • Cloud/Data Center
      • Mobile
  • Applications and Use Cases: This track focuses on using Liferay in real-world applications. Papers in this area should focus on a specific industry or typical use case for Liferay.
    • Verticals (Government, Higher Education, Healthcare, Automotive, etc.)
    • Social/Collaboration Sites
    • Web Publishing
    • B2[*]
    • Mobile Publishing

Submission Process

Create a proposal (PDF, Word, LibreOffice, or plain text) and email it as an attachment to Make sure your proposal follows the submission requirements!

We're looking for sessions that will help our attendees understand a cutting-edge concept or learn a new skill that will affect their business over the next 6 to 18 months. Help your proposal stand out in a good way by following the guidelines below.


  • Highlight the importance and relevance of your presentation.
  • Provide a simple and direct title or name.
  • Define your target audience. What are the topics and who are you trying to reach?
  • Share a unique story. Any insights, lessons, and personal experiences are well-received by your audience.
  • Offer original and substantial content, no fluff or sales pitches, please!
  • Provide a clear and concise description of what attendees will learn.
  • Focus on experiences and insight, NOT on product or service benefits. Sales pitches will automatically be rejected.
  • Do not only include pages of code in your presentation.

All presentations must be delivered in English. Submissions imply the willingness of the author to register and present the paper, if accepted.

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