Liferay Pulse Awards
We have received an overwhelming number of nominations for the Liferay Pulse Awards and are excited to announce the winners at the Symposium! Join us in San Francisco to hear the exciting news!
Liferay's Pulse Awards recognize the people and companies behind the innovative and creative solutions built using Liferay Portal. These awards showcase the breadth and scalability of the product across a variety of environments and solutions to address today's enterprise needs. Start nominating projects today!
Submissions accepted August 26 – September 13, 2013
Winners announced October 21, 2013
Categories for Nomination
Architecture: This project overcomes system bottlenecks and obstacles by creative and/or powerful Liferay implementations. This includes but is not limited to the areas of: high availability; identity management Read More... integration points; performance tuning at the application, application server, and machine level; Liferay permissions and role based access control; open source development; the cloud and virtual servers; and all related aspects. It has impressive size and scope of your system. This includes, but is not limited to, max concurrent users, total system users, size of your cluster(s) or server farm, creative build and deployment techniques, cloud infrastructure, and all related aspects. It employs a sheer number (or percentage) of implemented enterprise and architectural features of Liferay. This includes, but is not limited to, caching solutions, indexing solutions, multi-geo-site high availability solutions, repository storage solutions, server and application health monitoring, and all related aspects.
Best Collaboration/Social Project: This award recognizes the best internal or external social collaboration project that has fostered cross-departmental collaboration. The project employs Liferay's social components Read More... and achieves measurable results in the way a company team interacts and collaborates. With Liferay as the project's backbone, the results are shared documents, reduced email clutter, extended knowledge-sharing through message boards and wikis, and streamlined day-to-day activities.
Best in Design and User Interface: The winning project is aesthetically pleasing, has a deep attention to detail and leverages the Liferay platform to deliver a stunning and unique experience. The goal is to answer the user's needs Read More... with that perfect balance between innovative and intuitive. The winning project can be a front facing website or an application (either web or native mobile app), and will be judged on it's design and interaction.
Best Mobile Experience: There is a consistent, holistic experience via the desktop, web, and native applications to promote the customer's relationship with the owner of the site. Read More... Important and common operations in the site have been designed with mobile in mind, not only adapted to smaller screens. It uses mobile-specific features (like GPS, camera...) and takes advantage of them to offer relevant information to users. Mobile site is light-weight and snappy to surf through.
Multiple Platform Integration: Liferay's flexibility allows software architects to implement Liferay as part in a stand alone configuration or as part of a complex enterprise architecture. This award looks for innovations Read More... that solve complex issues encountered in a heterogeneous environment. Winning applications will be ones that solve issues in identity management, scalability, integration, availability, security and/or adaptability.
Website of the Year: This website is phenomenal. Customers, partners and end users are amazed at the ease of use, the ability to find the items they need quickly and the overall user experience. Read More... Teams use the Liferay Content Management System to integrate easily with backend systems. This award recognizes the best external website that showcases a company's brand, allows the company to interact with customers, and effectively uses the breadth of Liferay's many components.

Other Categories for Awards (nominations collected internally):
Individual Contributor of the Year: This is awarded to community members who have contributed the most code, translations, documentation, apps, Read More... assistance to newcomers, and any general knowledge to the community during the year. Nominations are collected internally.
Partner of the Year: Liferay Partner of the Year recognizes excellence in Liferay EE subscription sales and professional services. This service partner stands out among the rest for Read More... providing outstanding implementation services and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction by consistently applying Liferay best practices, knowledge, and industry specific expertise, such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and education. Nominations are collected internally.
Community Excellence: This is awarded to Liferay Services Partners for their achievements in the Liferay open source community, based on employee participation Read More... on forums, blogs, bug reporting, idea generation, app publications, translations, documentation enhancements, user group participation, and other community criteria unrelated to revenue or financials. Nominations are collected internally.