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Please vote for Liferay to serve on the JCP Executive Committee

Company Blogs October 28, 2012 By Neil Griffin Staff

UPDATE: 10/30: Congratulations to the London Java Community and to CloudBees! And thanks to everyone who voted for Liferay.

UPDATE 10/19: Liferay Sr. Software Architect Ray Augé spoke on behalf of Liferay on the "Meet the EC Candidates" call. You can listen to Ray on the MP3 recording from 19m 50s - 23m 35s.

This year Liferay is running for election to serve on the JCP Executive Committee. To my great surprise, Liferay nominated me to be the company's representative. I'm truly honored to be nominated, and if we are elected, we will endeavor to serve the Java community well.
Here is the company description that we submitted for the 2012 Executive Committee Nominations page:
Liferay is an open source software company that is dedicated to the success of the Java platform. As a privately held company, we are free from investor pressures which in turn makes us free to serve the best interests of our 70,000+ member community. We have benefitted greatly from the contributions and feedback of our community members and strongly believe in open/transparent processes. We will strive to contribute this experience if we are elected to serve on the JCP Executive Committee.
We also submitted a brief Position Statement.
If you are a member of the JCP, please cast your vote for Liferay! The voting period is from October 16, 2012 - October 29 2012. We would treasure your vote and would be honored to serve.
Thank you,