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JSF 2.0 Complete Reference, with JSF Portlet Appendix

Company Blogs February 3, 2010 By Neil Griffin Staff


JSF 2.0 Complete Reference with JSF Portlet Appendix

I'm pleased to announce the new JSF 2.0 Complete Reference book by Ed Burns and Chris Schalk, published by McGraw-Hill. During the planning stages, Ed asked me to be a contributing author and help bring the first edition of the book up-to-date with JSF 2.0, and also to write a JSF Portlet Appendix.

As listed in the Table of Contents, Appendix A discusses the following Topics:

  • Overview of Portlet 1.0 and 2.0
    • Portlet Lifecycle
    • Portlet Modes
    • Portlet Window States
    • Portlet Preferences
    • Inter-Portlet Communication
  • JSF Portlet Development
    • JSF Portlet Bridges
    • JSF Portlet View Handlers
    • JSF ExernalContext and the Portlet API
    • JSF and Portlet Preferences
    • JSF and Inter-Portlet Communication
  • ICEfaces Portlet Development
    • ICEfaces Ajax with Partial Submit
    • ICEfaces Direct-to-DOM RenderKit
    • The ice:portlet Tag
    • ICEfaces 1.x Portlet Bridge
    • ICEfaces 1.x D2DFaceletViewHandler
    • ICEfaces 1.x and Portlet Window States
    • ICEfaces Portlets and Concurrent DOM Views
    • ICEfaces 1.x Extended Request Scope
    • ICEfaces Ajax Push and Inter-Portlet Communication
    • ICEfaces Themes and Portal Themes
    • ICEfaces Themes and Liferay Themes
    • ICEfaces Ajax Bridge and Liferay Portal
    • ICEfaces Portlets and Liferay Request Attributes
  • PortletFaces
    • Downloading PortletFaces
    • PortletFacesContext
    • PortletFaces Tags
    • PortletFaces and Portlet Preferences
    • PortletFaces and Expression Language Additions
    • PortletFaces and Localization
    • Liferay Language Portlet Integration
    • Improved Integration Between Liferay and ICEfaces 1.x

This week (Feb 2nd to Feb 5th) Ed Burns & Chris Schalk will be helping to answer questions about the new book at JavaRanch. In addition, JavaRanch will be giving away a free copy of the book.

Finally I'd like to express my gratitude to Liferay, ICEsoft, Mimacom, and Triton for their generous support in making the JSF Portlet Appendix possible.

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Congratulations, Neil. Great to see your hard... Bryan Cheung February 3, 2010 12:16 PM
Good Job, Neil. Jonas Yuan February 3, 2010 1:37 PM
Good stuff, Neil! James Min February 4, 2010 2:45 PM
Is this book available in ebook format for... Travis De Silva March 21, 2010 6:27 AM
The eBook can be found here at the McGraw-Hill... Neil Griffin April 8, 2010 7:31 AM

Congratulations, Neil. Great to see your hard work in final published form!
Posted on 2/3/10 12:16 PM.
Good Job, Neil.
Posted on 2/3/10 1:37 PM.
Good stuff, Neil!
Posted on 2/4/10 2:45 PM.
Is this book available in ebook format for purchase?

I checked the Publisher,McGraw-Hill Osborne Media site and they have an ebook which I think was before it was completed as the published date was in Nov and also the table of contents indicate that it is missing this important JSF Portlet Appendix.

Appreciate if anyone has purchased the ebook of this book and can point me in the right direction.
Posted on 3/21/10 6:27 AM.
The eBook can be found here at the McGraw-Hill Professional site:

Also, Amazon has a Kindle version here:

Google Books has a preview of the book here, but the Appendix is not viewable:
Posted on 4/8/10 7:31 AM in reply to Travis De Silva.