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JCrete: Day 1

General Blogs August 20, 2013 By Miguel Ángel Pastor Olivar

This year I have been able to do the awesome JCrete conference. First of all I would to thanks Liferay and Jorge for letting me get a few days off and financing my trip.

The conference is organized in an Open Space format so the first day all the people can propose whatever they want: talks, discussions, ..., and, once all the proposals are done and explained, we tried to arrange and schedule all of them for the rest of the week.

The first day I attended a couple of talks/disccussions that were extremely interesting:

  • The first one was a disccusion proposed by Chris Richardson about some of the good parts? of NodeJS and how he had been playing with it for the latest months and some of the benefits he had found surprise. I think this talk does not deserve a detailed summary because I guess all of you know how it finished ... :)
  • The second disccusion was "The perils of (micro)benchmarking" where, mainly, Kirk Pepperdine and Martin Thompson shared with the rest of us their experiences on doing (al least trying to) good benchmarking of your applications. We also discussed a lot about the benefits (or lack of them) of the microbenchmarks.

I haven't written a completely detailed description of the sessions because you can find here all the notes, references and any kind of ouputs produced. 

This first day was a little bit shorter because we were doing the schedule for the rest of the week during the first part of the day. I will try to write a now blog entry with the summary of the second day as soon as possible (and include some photos because the location is very nice)

Just before finish the post, I would like to add that attending this conference is a huge oppurtinity to be close to many really smart guys and learn a lot from them and their experiences.

See you soon! 


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