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Portal Performance Tuning Part 2

Company Blogs May 6, 2009 By Michael C. Han Staff

After many months of testing, tuning, and more testing, we have finally completed the tuning and benchmarking of the portal.  We finished the tunings for 5.1 Enterprise over a month ago and are in the final processes of tuning for 5.2 Enterprise.

Based on feedback from some of our enterprise subscription customers, we pushed the portal with pretty large datasets, like 1 million users, 10,000 communities, over 1 million forum posts.  This helped us identify some index and query issues.

After tuning, our performance saw pretty dramatic improvements.  For instance, prior to tuning, the portal’s login throughput was roughly 30 logins/second on a single server (75% utilization).  After tuning, the login through put was 76 logins/second, mean transaction times of 160ms, and 80% CPU utilization on a single physical server.

We saw similar gains across the board in Liferay’s collaboration tools (Message Boards, Wiki, and Blogs).

The performance enhancements to the portal will be available to the community in our upcoming 5.3 release (Q3 2009).  These enhancements have already been deposited into the trunk so you can get access to them even before the official GA.

These performance enhancements are available to our 5.1 EE customers in the next 5.1 EE release(within a couple weeks).  For those currently using 5.1 SE you may contact our sales folks to get more information on obtaining an EE subscription.