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Staging changes in the upcoming release

Company Blogs July 26, 2013 By Máté Thurzó Staff

Staging is one of the unique fetaures of the Liferay portal, serving customers to be able to handle their content across the portal. The feature has been around for a while, and was always a subject of improvement. In the upcoming release though staging will receive a major overhaul, based on users' feedbacks, own experiences.
Several things have changed, a completely new architecture has been introduced, with changes how the entities are being exported, and as the portal is currently getting a new design with every commit in the github, the staging UIs and screens had to take their part of the portal UI improvements. And this is just the beginning of the road. It's already clear that the feature holds a great potential, and several cool stuff can be added for later releases.
The UI redesign process for me personally was a great experience, I do not consider myself something who is very keen on UX and UI design in general. Of course I know all the HTML elements, CSS and others but UX is abolutely not my cup of tea. During the staging project I had the opportunity to work with a talented in house UX expert, watch him considering the different aspects of the interface I would never thought of. I can't help it, I'm more of a backend guy, as long as a code piece prints of something on the console I'm fine with it.
With this blogpost my intention is to kick off a series of other posts getting into details of the new fancy staging. Those of you going to one of the Liferay events, there will be staging sessions on the Berlin Devcon, and North America Symposium, bring your questions there, or ask them on the community forums.
Stay tuned for the next part of staging posts!
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