March 1
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January 22
Prakash Khanchandani commented on James Falkner's blog entry, Liferay-7 seems a lot promising ... the same goose..., in James Falkner.
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January 11
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Prakash Khanchandani wrote a new message board post, Can we have a mobile only site using Liferay and redirect to mobile site?, in
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November 20
Mariia Berski replied to Prakash Khanchandani's message board post, RE: Error "$theme.wrapPortlet("portlet.vm", $content_include)", in
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November 19
Prakash Khanchandani replied to Olaf Kock's message board post, RE: Error "$theme.wrapPortlet("portlet.vm", $content_include)", in
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November 12
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October 28
Prakash Khanchandani replied to Dennis Dennis's message board post, RE: Lirefay Lite required, in
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September 24
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