Documentation collaboration?

Company Blogs June 10, 2014 By Justin Choi Staff

Liferay has grown from a handful of employees to a mid size corporation. When I first started Liferay in January, 2011, everyone did a little of bit of everything. In 2014, there are now teams and sub-teams. What's one thread that holds us all together? Something more basic than food, air, and rest? The answer: the need to read instructions.

What I have noticed is that those in the engineering and support departments tend to read each other's documentation. We do so in hopes that someone smarter, more articulate, or more experienced, managed to do what we need to do and can teach us. In my three and a half years at Liferay, I have read documentation from Support engineers, Global Services consultants, QA engineers, and of course, our official documentation.

This ought to be encouraged more since no one department has a monopoly on information.

Balanced against wasting time in going no further than one's own department and going the distance, the true goal is collaboration and understanding the different perspectives and needs.

It has been a pleasure working with everyone.



Company Blogs September 28, 2011 By Justin Choi Staff

This is my first blog entry on Liferay. I was waiting for something newsworthy since as a QA engineer, our view of Liferay can be tunnel vision. Occasionally, we get to go out: attending WCS is case in point.

Then I was sent to the Dalian office for six weeks. So what's so interesting?

Day 3 at work: Fireworks next door which interrupted work for approximately five to ten minutes. Why fireworks? Because the building site next door set off fireworks to commenorate some milestone. Don't know what. Don't care. But they were quite extensive and loud and smoky.

Things like this never happen in the LA office. 

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