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Reminder queries (... or what is my frequent fly number?)

Company Blogs November 17, 2008 By Julio Camarero Staff

Hi all,

I started working for Liferay as a Core developper around two months ago and wanted to use this first post also to say hello to all the people I still don't know from the community, welcome everybody and thank Jorge, Alberto, Brian and Nate for all their support. 

From version 5.2 we'll have a new functionality in the portal! It is called "Reminder Queries" and it will be used as  a second security mechanism when a user forgets his password. (You may have seen this functionality somewhere else before in portals like Google or Yahoo...)

When this functionlity is enabled:

  • the user will have to provide an answer to a question he had chosen before in order to receive a new password. (What is your frequent fly number? what is your library card number? ... )

 forgot password process

  • Question and answer can be modified through Control panel -->  my account

my account


  • Users have to choose a question the first time they log into the portal

First time login  


  • Questions are configured by a property in portal.properties for the portal and every organization can define its own questions in different languages in a new section in control panel.

Control panel --> Organizations --> Reminder Queries

More information about reminder queries can be found at the following article in the wiki: http://www.liferay.com/web/guest/community/wiki/-/wiki/Main?_36_title=Reminder+Queries