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Creating a plugin to extend other plugin

Company Blogs September 14, 2012 By Julio Camarero Staff

Did you know it is possible to create a plugin to extend an existing plugin?


This is a great feature of Liferay plugins that I usually tend to forget but it has been available since 4.3. If you find a plugin that you like but you would like to modify something, you can create another plugin which extends the original one keeping your changes isolated from the original one.


I have created a wiki page explaining the steps to create a plugin which extends other plugin, feel free to add your input to the wiki page!


See you soon!

Threaded Replies Author Date
This is really awesome, I made a plugin to... Banafshe Bamdad May 4, 2014 10:06 PM
I also tried to changes calendar-portlet in... Munikanta Singh June 12, 2014 6:22 AM

This is really awesome, I made a plugin to extend calendar-portlet in liferay6.2 and modified .jsp files without any problems. But I can't underetand how to modify service classes.
Posted on 5/4/14 10:06 PM.
I also tried to changes calendar-portlet in liferay6.2 JSP file which is working perfectly fine but when I tried to change the java file like say CalendarPortlet it is not working.

Have any idea how to change that java class file ?
Posted on 6/12/14 6:22 AM.