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The Cincinnati Film Festival

Company Blogs August 20, 2012 By Joshua Asbury Staff

With our roots firmly planted in the values of open source, Liferay continually makes efforts to support ventures that embody the spirit of openness, creativity and independence.  Through vehicles such as Liferay Portal, Liferay Social Office and Liferay Sync, our developers and community allow millions of users to experience the benefits provided by this ideology.  

Over the past three years, Liferay has been quickly growing our southwestern Ohio presence, and we now have several employees working in the Greater Cincinnati area.  As we develop deeper roots here, it is important for us to support the causes that drive openness, creativity and independence.  To that end, I am happy to announce that Liferay has become a supporter of the 2012 Cincinnati Film Festival.

In its 3rd year, the Cincinnati Film Festival is  "bringing brave and beautiful films and their filmmakers from around the world to" Cincinnati.  The festival will take place September 6 - 13 in various venues around Cincinnati's amazingly diverse arts scene.  

As part of our support for the event, we will also be donating 2 tickets to a film screening or film workshop to a local student at Miami University to help them develop their inner filmmaker and help us improve the world by fostering openness, creativity and independence.

If you're in the Cincinnati area, please do what you can to support this very important and amazingly impressive showcase of talent from filmmakers around the world.


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