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TechCrunch: "The enterprise software space is a giant, stinking mess."

Company Blogs November 21, 2012 By Joshua Asbury Staff

In response to some of the recent happenings at HP with the purchase of Autonomy, TechCrunch has released its verdict that "The enterprise software space is a giant, stinking mess."  Frankly, I couldn't agree more.  

The old, sales-driven methodology of putting the vendor over the customer is going away now that the customer has more and better choices.  Reliance on a single vendor to handle everything from sales of licenses to the installation and ongoing maintenance of needlessly complex enterprise software is causing enterprises to not invite the IBMs and Oracles to the table.

Liferay's ongoing success in the enterprise space is a sign that our methodology works.  Customers are able to make the choices that benefit them.  During conversations with large shops, my team and I sometimes have to convince customers that we really are that easy to work with -- there are no hidden agendas or costs when they choose Liferay.  It's an interesting state of affairs convincing customers who have been abused by vendors that you are actually "one of the good guys."

We certify and support different application servers, databases and operating systems.  Customers should use what works for them and expand on their internal skillsets.  Our Global Services teams and network of partners are there to assist, but Liferay isn't so complex that customers absolutely must use them.  Liferay is about using the best of breed software, and with that as our mantra, we make it easy for customers to integrate with other applications while using Liferay as their framework.

I'm thankful that the tide is turning, but we still have a great deal of work to do.  We must continue to educate customers that there is a better way and that reliance on a single vendor stack isn't the "safest" way to ensure success.  More and more customers are coming to Liferay, and we're happy to be ambassadors for the new way of doing business in the enterprise software world.