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My Favorite Liferay 6.1 Features

Company Blogs January 10, 2012 By Joshua Asbury Staff

Historically, every release of Liferay has brought one or two new features that, to me, were complete game-changers.  Of course, there were many features and improvements with the previous releases, but some just stood above the rest in terms of their overall significance to the product, its direction and overall usability.

Liferay 5.0 brought the social components via the World of Liferay (now Social Networking) portlets.  At the time, I was a community member as opposed to a Liferay employee, and I remember how having these features would dramatically alter the way I would be able to serve my customers.

Liferay 6.0 introduced Kaleo workflow and, at the time of its release, I was in Sales and thrilled to no longer have to describe complex processes to customers who wanted to apply workflows for their business processes.

Each release has had a killer feature that got me excited and made my job easier.

Liferay 6.1 is a different animal, though.  There aren't one or two features that I love -- there are several game-changers which will change the way we use our favorite portal.  

  • Custom Content Types
  • Documents and Media Usability
  • Content Types and Workflow in Documents and Media Folders
  • Related Assets
  • Faceted Search
  • Integration with Multiple Repositories
  • User Data Lists
  • Advanced Publishing
  • Dynamic Site Templates
  • Mobile Device Rules
  • Kaleo Workflow Designer (EE only)

Some of these are EE-only, and some are available in CE.  All of them are significant.  As opposed to writing a single blog post about each, I'm going to write a series that goes into more detail on the features -- providing screenshots, some usage scenarios and why I feel this feature is important.

After you've had a chance to work with Liferay 6.1, let me know in the comments which features you feel are your game-changers.

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Nice post. Like you said, many incredible new... Nir Gryn January 10, 2012 6:07 AM
Josh, I love it too, only being at LR now for... Michael Louis Guerra April 17, 2012 4:07 PM

Nice post. Like you said, many incredible new features. Great job Liferay!
Posted on 1/10/12 6:07 AM.
Josh, I love it too, only being at LR now for a little over a week, the new features in 6.1 are awesome! What a great PM and Engineering team we have!
Posted on 4/17/12 4:07 PM.