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Expanded guide for Ext plugins published within the Developer's Guide

Company Blogs September 30, 2010 By Jorge Ferrer Staff

One of the most interesting improvements of Liferay 6 for developers is that the plugin infrastructure has improved considerably. For example, the hook plugins are now much more powerful and allow customizing the platform in a very maintainable way. Also, the old extension environment has been moved inside the plugins SDK as what are known as Ext plugins.

After publishing our new set of documentation pages and specially the new Developer's Guide, we've been asked for more detailed documentation about Ext plugins. We've been working on it during the last few days and it's now ready and published in the documentation pages.

It includes information about how to migrate an ext environment as well as how to develop and deploy it. We hope you like it.


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Thank you very much. One simple question. Since... Sandeep Nair October 3, 2010 8:49 PM
Hi Sandeep, You can indeed have two Ext... Jorge Ferrer October 4, 2010 12:36 AM

Thank you very much. One simple question. Since ext is now plugin, we can now have multiple ext plugins. If all of them have portal-ext.properties. Which would be given preferences. Is it ideal to create multiple ext plugins or should it be made a rule that only one ext plugin should be there?
Posted on 10/3/10 8:49 PM.
Hi Sandeep,

You can indeed have two Ext plugins, but only as long as they don't collide in any files. This is explained in detail in the Guide.
Posted on 10/4/10 12:36 AM in reply to Sandeep Nair.