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Easier to find PDF links

Company Blogs October 7, 2010 By Jorge Ferrer Staff

 While the ability to have all of our official docs in HTML form and indexed is great, in some cases we all prefer a PDF version that can easily be printed or checked while offline.

We've always had the PDF version of our guides available but after the redesign they weren't so visible any more, so some of you had been asking about them. As a result we've just applied an small change in the design so that along with the Table of Contents of each guide there is now also a link to download the PDF of that guide:

You will also notice that for those guides that we also offer a printed book through Lulu, there is also a link to get it. Right now the link is only available for the "Administrator's Guide" for 5.2, but the edition for 6.0 will be available very soon. If you are thinking of printing the guide, consider getting the book instead as a way of letting us know that you like it :)

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Very useful. It's also very nice find all docs... Denis Signoretto October 8, 2010 3:14 AM
Hi Denis, Thanks for adding that info. Note... Jorge Ferrer October 8, 2010 5:54 AM

Very useful.

It's also very nice find all docs here:
Posted on 10/8/10 3:14 AM.
Hi Denis,

Thanks for adding that info. Note thought, that the URL you posted is a temporary location for that page that will disappear soon. The final link to that page is this:

Posted on 10/8/10 5:54 AM in reply to Denis Signoretto.