Service Builder chapter (new) in Liferay 6.1 Development Guide

General Blogs August 19, 2013 By Jesse Rao Staff

We just published a new chapter in the Liferay 6.1 Development Guide on Service Builder! In this chapter, we discuss a number of ways Service Builder can help you save development time on Liferay projects. We cover the following Service Builder topics:

- Defining an object-relational map via service.xml
- Generating complete model, persistence, and service layers for your application along with specific extension points
- Generating Spring and Hibernate configurations
- Generating database agnostic finder methods
- Enabling entity caching
- Writing and calling local Liferay services
- Writing remote Liferay services and exposing them via SOAP or JSON
- Using model hints
- Using custom SQL queries and dynamic query with Service Builder

This chapter also guides you through the creation of an example portlet project, so you can see Service Builder in action.

Special thanks to Jim Hinkey for reviewing and updating this chapter and its code examples and to Rich Sezov for guiding the chapter's development.

Resources Importer section (new) in Liferay 6.1 Development Guide

Company Blogs March 20, 2013 By Jesse Rao Staff

We've added a new section to the Liferay Development Guide covering the Resources Importer: Liferay’s Resources Importer is a tool that allows a theme developer to have files and web content automatically imported into the portal when a theme is deployed. This is a great way for theme developers to provide a sample context that optimizes the design of their theme.

In this section, you can find out

  • what the Resources Importer does and why it's useful.
  • how to download and install the Resources Importer.
  • how to declare the resources importer as a dependency of your theme.
  • how to configure resources to be imported into a site template or directly into a site.
  • how to develop resources and add them to your theme.
  • how to declare the pages, layout templates, portlets and content that should appear in your theme's site or site template.
  • where to find examples of themes that show the resources importer in action.

If you're considering developing themes for Liferay Marketplace, make sure to check out this guide!

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