October 28
Jenny Chen updated LPS-67687.
4:22 PM
October 21
Jenny Chen updated LPS-65153.
4:12 PM
December 17
Jenny Chen commented on LRAMF-19.
11:48 AM 1) update new portlet’s build.xml to include <property name="import.shared" value="alloy-mvc-shared" /> <import file="../build-common-alloy-portlet.xml" /> 2) remove default folders/files docroot/css, docroot/js, docroot/icon.png, view.jsp 3) create a default docroot/META-INF/context.xml (to match loop formatting) <Context /> 4) create folder(s) - docroot/WEB-INF/jsp/release - docroot/WEB-INF/jsp/release/controllers - docroot/WEB-INF/jsp/release/views - docroot/WEB-INF/jsp/util 5) [they are generated upon build] add JARs if it is not generated when built (docroot/WEB-INF/lib) 6) update docroot/WEB-INF/liferay-display.xml according to your portlet structure <category name=""> <portlet id="1"></portlet> 7) update docroot/WEB-INF/ with dependency JARs/TLDs portal-dependency-jars=\ jstl-api.jar,\ jstl-impl.jar portal-dependency-tlds=\ c.tld,\ fn.tld make sure the name for the portlet contains “EE” 8) update docroot/WEB-INF/liferay-portlet.xml Alloy URL mappers <friendly-url-mapper-class>com.liferay.alloy.mvc.AlloyFriendlyURLMapper</friendly-url-mapper-class> <friendly-url-mapping>[INPUT-PROJECT-MAP]</friendly-url-mapping> <friendly-url-routes>com/liferay/alloy/mvc/alloy-friendly-url-routes.xml?controller=assets</friendly-url-routes> remove <icon><header-portlet-css>, <fotter-portlet-javascript> tags remove <role-mapper> tags 9) update docroot/WEB-INF/portlet.xml <portlet-class>com.liferay.alloy.mvc.AlloyPortlet</portlet-class> remove <init-param> tag for previously removed JSP remove <security-role-ref> tags 10) try and send service.xml files first - prefix entity names should contain the namespace; example: ReleaseCommit - enable auto-namespace-tables="false”, example: <service-builder package-path="com.liferay.release" auto-namespace-tables="false"> 11) make sure to update the .gitignore files to not include JAR files /alloy-mvc-shared.jar /asm-tree.jar /asm-util.jar /asm.jar /commons-logging.jar /jstl-api.jar /jstl-impl.jar /log4j.jar /portal-compat-shared.jar /util-bridges.jar /util-java.jar /util-taglib.jar NOTE - update docroot/WEB-INF/liferay-portlet.xml for release mapping
September 15
Princess Aquino and Jenny Chen are now friends.
11:33 AM
June 24
Jenny Chen updated LPS-46929.
11:20 AM
Jenny Chen updated LPS-55619.
11:20 AM
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