Liferay 6.2 Certified Professional Developer Now Available

Company Blogs October 31, 2014 By Jeffrey Handa Staff

The Liferay Certification team is very happy to announce the availability of the Liferay 6.2 Certified Professional Developer exam (LRP-624).  This is an update to the popular Liferay 6.1 Certified Professional exam and continues to focus on validating a developer’s understanding of core concepts and best practices for developing Liferay plugins.

Many exciting new features were introduced in Liferay 6.2 and several of those are included in the subject material for this certification exam.  Be sure to review the Exam Blueprint for a complete list of topics covered.

As always, the best way to prepare for this exam is to participate in an official Liferay Training and from now until the end of the year we’re offering a free exam voucher with every seat of Developing for the Liferay Platform 1 public training purchased.   There’s no special sign up required, just register and pay for a Developing for the Liferay Platform 1 public training held during the month of November or December and after completing the course you’ll receive an exam voucher.  If you have already registered for a course, then you’re all set!

The existing Liferay 6.1 Certified Professional Exam (LRP-614) will continue to be available for developers that have not had a chance to upgrade to Liferay 6.2 yet, so be sure to select the correct exam during the registration process.  If you have any questions please review the Certification FAQ or contact

Changes to Sign In Experience

Company Blogs August 8, 2014 By Jeffrey Handa Staff

This weekend you may notice a couple of small changes to your sign-in experience and I wanted to give you a little background on why we’re making those changes. 

Updated Sign In Page

As we have been expanding the number of systems available beyond just we have strived to provide the best possible user experience.  To that end we will be moving to a Single Sign On (SSO) solution to secure all of these systems.

This weekend we will begin this process by making the aforementioned changes to the sign-in experience.  The most visible change will be an updated sign-in page when signing in to  The changes are mostly cosmetic but there is one functional change as well.  We’ll be removing the Remember Me option, as it is not supported by the SSO solution at this time.

As always, if you are experiencing any issues please send an email to   

Free Retakes on Liferay Certification Exams This Month

Company Blogs May 6, 2014 By Jeffrey Handa Staff

Summer is almost here and for students around the world that means one thing, final exams.  For most of us, final exams are but a distant memory that we’re only too glad to be done with.  As agonizing as exams were, it felt great when they were finally over and you could focus on the summer ahead of you with a sense of accomplishment. 

Here at Liferay, we want to help you relive that feeling of accomplishment but without any of the accompanying anxiety.  For a limited time, we’re giving you a stress-free opportunity to become a Liferay Certified Professional Developer.   There are no promo codes or hoops to jump through, just sign up and take the exam before May 31st.  If you do not pass the exam this time, we’ll give you a voucher for a free retake.  The voucher is good through the end of the year so you won’t need to spend your summer studying.  It’s that easy. 

Additional details of the promotion can be found at

Hundreds of Liferay Community members from around the world have already distinguished themselves and achieved the Liferay Certified Professional Developer designation.  This promotion is the perfect time for you to join the ranks of Liferay Certified Professionals.   Get started by registering today .

What’s the Best Prep for Liferay Certification? Take Liferay Training.

Company Blogs October 9, 2013 By Jeffrey Handa Staff

(We’re offering a worldwide Liferay Certification promotion October-November! See below for details.)

Since the launch of the Liferay Certification Program, I’ve had many people ask me what’s the best way to prepare for the exam, and I’ve been telling everyone the same thing. Start with the Liferay Developer Training, and then get your hands dirty by writing some code.  The topics for the Liferay Certified Professional Developer exam are based on the topics covered in Developer Training and most of the items on the exam are covered during the training.  For the topics that aren’t covered in the training, only actual development following Liferay’s best practices can prepare you. 

Of course, as a Liferay trainer, I’m obviously a little biased about the importance of Liferay training, but I truly believe Developer Training is the best way to lay a solid foundation for a deeper understanding of Liferay Portal.  You can definitely learn how to develop portlets by reading a book or looking through online tutorials, but the explanations and hands-on experience you get during Developer Training go far beyond what you can learn through tutorials alone.  During training you’ll get insights into how Liferay’s engineers have designed the product, and learn the why as well as the how.  By understanding the patterns and approaches used in Liferay’s core and plugins you’ll be better equipped to learn by digging into the source code and understanding the Liferay way to develop.

There are many ways to prepare for the exam, but starting with Developer Training is the best investment you can make to increase your chances of passing the exam.  

In fact, we feel so strongly about the importance of Liferay training we’re currently offering a free exam voucher to anyone who signs up and attends a public Liferay Developer Training anywhere in the world during the months of October and November.  Take the training, then pass the exam,. What could be better than that?

Find a Liferay training near you:

Once you purchase and attend the full training, we'll send you an email with the voucher. Questions?

Liferay Certification Now Available!

Company Blogs September 4, 2013 By Jeffrey Handa Staff

If you’ve been around the Liferay community for any length of time you’ve probably heard some discussion about Liferay offering a certification.  It’s something that we’ve wanted to do for quite a while, but it’s also something that we wanted to do right.  For the last year we’ve been hard at work to make the Liferay Certification Program a reality,and today I am very happy to announce the immediate availability of the first certification offering: the Liferay Certified Professional Developer.

The Liferay Certification Program has been designed to give all members of the Liferay community the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise with Liferay Portal. The program will offer certifications targeted to the audiences who are involved in the deployment of a Liferay based portal solution. While this first offering is aimed at developers, we are working on future offerings for portal administrators, content specialists, and system administrators.

Why get certified?

As the popularity of Liferay Portal has continued to grow, the need for well-qualified and trained Liferay professionals has also escalated. A quick search for Liferay on any career website will uncover the need for Liferay professionals for projects around the globe. As the demand for Liferay expertise has grown, the supply of technology professionals with Liferay experience has also expanded. The Liferay Certification Program gives you an opportunity stand out and be recognized for the time and effort you have devoted to mastering Liferay and to differentiate yourself in the job market.

What can I expect?

The exam will contain 50 questions (true/false, multiple choice single answer, and multiple choice multiple answer) and must be completed in 90 minutes.  The passing score is 75%. Additional details and sample questions can be found in the Exam Blueprint.

How should I prepare?

Prior to sitting for the exam, it is recommended, but not required, that you attend Liferay Developer Training. This training will give you a very good basis to prepare for the certification exam. Questions will also draw from several other sources as well as knowledge that can only be obtained by actually developing solutions with Liferay Portal. Full details on this first exam can be found in the Preparing for the Exam section of the Liferay Certified Professional Developer page.

How do I register?

Liferay has partnered with Prometric to administer the exam. To locate a test center near you and register for the exam visit

If your question hasn’t been answered, please take a look at the Certification FAQ, or email us at

Get Hands On With Liferay Marketplace

Company Blogs October 3, 2012 By Jeffrey Handa Staff


By now, everyone in the Liferay community has probably heard about Liferay Marketplace and hopefully many of you are getting excited about developing and deploying your own apps to the Marketplace.  
At this point, the Liferay Marketplace is open for downloading apps developed by Liferay, but hasn't been opened up for app developers yet.  However, if you can't wait to get your hands on Marketplace and you'll be in San Francisco next week for the Liferay North America Symposium, you'll have two opportunities to take Marketplace for a spin.  
On Monday afternoon, there will be a hands-on workshop (Marketplace 102 for Developers - App Development Introduction ).  During the workshop, you'll will have an opportunity to develop a simple app and deploy it to a Marketplace sandbox environment.  You'll also have the opportunity to try out some of the management and reporting tools that are available to app developers.  If you'd like to participate this workshop, bring a laptop with the Liferay Plugins SDK (6.1 CE GA2 or 6.1 EE GA2) configured.  
In addition to Monday's workshop, there will be a one-day training on Developing Applications for the Liferay Marketplace.   During this one-day training, students will be able to take a deeper dive into developing a more complex Liferay applications using Liferay Developer Studio and will deploy their app to a Marketplace sandbox environment.  
No prior Liferay development experience is required for either the workshop or the training and I look forward to seeing you next week!


Community Meeting in Brussels

Company Blogs September 13, 2012 By Jeffrey Handa Staff

Hello Belgian community members.  

I'll be in Brussels and would like to get together with any interested members of the Liferay community on Tuesday, September 18th.  We'll meet at the Brussels Grill near Place Rogier (21 avenue du Boulevard 1210 Bruxelles) at 21:00.  Please comment here at the blog post if you'd like to come or contact me on twitter

Looking forward to meeting you

Liferay Developer Boot Camp

Company Blogs April 20, 2012 By Jeffrey Handa Staff

Hello Liferay Community!

We’ve recently posted a new training offering called Liferay Developer Boot Camp on our US course calendar and I wanted to provide a little background on what it is and why you might be interested in it. 

Liferay Developer Boot Camp is a combination of our Mastering Liferay Fundamentals training and our Developing for Liferay Platform 1 training offered at a special discounted price.   If you’re new to developing for the Liferay platform, this is a great way to get up to speed quickly and at a reduced price. 

Even though our Mastering Liferay Fundamentals course isn’t a prerequisite for the Developing for Liferay Platform 1 course, we strongly encourage all developers to take it for a variety of reasons.  Developers should be very comfortable working with the UI to create new users, sites, and roles so they can properly test the code they are developing.  Sure, everything works fine when you’re logged in as the in the Guest community, but does it work in real-world scenarios?  Also, developers should also be aware of all of the features that are already built in to the portal.  I’ve had many discussions with developers that are describing custom development they are undertaking or plan on undertaking that is merely duplicating the features that Liferay Portal already provides.   One of our goals for Mastering Liferay Fundamentals training is that after you’ve attended the training, you shouldn’t be able to say, “I didn’t know Liferay could do that”.  

Although most new Liferay developers realize the value they get by attending both Mastering Liferay Fundamentals and Developing for the Liferay Platform 1 training, many are unable to get the funding approved so we’re hoping that this $590 savings will make it a little easier for you to get a complete introduction to developing for the Liferay Portal.  

Custom Java Tools for Liferay 6.0 Script Engine

Company Blogs November 1, 2011 By Jeffrey Handa Staff

Many of you are probably aware that Liferay version 6.0 supports several scripting languages in a variety of contexts including portlet plugins, Kaleo workflows, and the Script Console in the Server Administration section of the Control Panel.  In all of these contexts, there are challenges when working with scripts, such as logging and debugging.  
One approach to overcome these challenges is to use a utility class written in Java and called within your script.   We'll follow the approach that Ray outlined in a blog post about using Java utils in Velocity.
Start by creating a new Hook Plugin.   We won't actually use any of the hook features, but we need a way to package up our code and to deploy it to Liferay and a Hook Plugin is a good way to do that.  
Follow the dependency injection pattern by first creating an interface:  
package com.myscriptutil;
public interface MyScriptUtil {
   public String operationOne();  

   public String operationTwo(String name);  



And then creating an implementation:  
package com.myscriptutil;

import com.liferay.portal.kernel.log.Log;
import com.liferay.portal.kernel.log.LogFactoryUtil;

public class MyScriptUtilImpl implements MyScriptUtil {

   public String operationOne() {
      return "Hello out there!";

   public String operationTwo(String name) {
      _log.debug("Inside of Operation Two");
      return "Hello " + name + "!";

   private static Log _log = LogFactoryUtil.getLog(MyScriptUtilImpl.class);  


Create a file named applicationContext.xml in the docroot/WEB-INF directory and add the following:  

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>  

   <bean id="com.liferay.samples.ScriptUtil" class="com.liferay.samples.ScriptUtilImpl" />


We need to make an update to web.xml to be sure Liferay creates a BeanLocator object and reads our bean definitions.


<?xml version="1.0"?>

<!DOCTYPE web-app PUBLIC "-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD Web Application 2.3//EN" "">





At this point, we're ready to deploy our hook and make our custom utility available for use.  Up to here, we've followed the steps from Ray's blog exactly and we could make use of our utility in Veloctiy using the syntax he describes.  However, if we want to use our utility in the script engine, we'll have to use a slightly different syntax.  

Once the hook has successfully deployed, log into the portal as an administrator and navigate to the Control Panel.  From the Control Panel, navigate to the Server Administration section and then the Script tab.  

Select Groovy from the Language dropdown and replace the contents of the Script field with:  

myUtil = com.liferay.portal.kernel.bean.PortletBeanLocatorUtil.locate("my-script-util-hook", "com.myscriptutil.MyScriptUtil")  


println(myUtil.operationTwo("Joe Bloggs"))


Execute the script and you should see  output on the screen.  If you're not using 6.0 EE SP2, you may not see the output directly on the screen, you may need to check the log file for your output.  

If you want to see the log statement we added, you'll need to update the log levels.  Click on the Log Levels tab on the Server Administration page and then select Add Category.  In the box, type:  com.myscriptutil and then set the log level dropdown to DEBUG.  Click Save and then go back to the Script tab and run the script again.  This time you should get a log message in the log file.  

Portal Administrator Express to be offered at WCS

Company Blogs August 24, 2011 By Jeffrey Handa Staff


Greetings Liferay Community!
Based on the positive feedback we received after the East Coast Symposium, we will again be offering the Portal Administrator Express training in conjunction with the West Coast Symposium in Anaheim, CA.  The training will be the day before the WCS at the same location.  
You may be wondering what exactly Portal Administrator Express Training is and how it relates to our standard Portal Administrator Training. The Portal Administrator Express Training will cover the same topics as the standard two-day Portal Administrator Training, but it will move at a faster pace and will trade some of the hands-on exercises with in-depth demonstrations. Attendees will still get plenty of opportunities to get their hands dirty. We've just completed some of the more repetitive exercises for you, and focused on the most critical concepts.
Portal Administrator Express is a great introduction for anyone that’s going to be working with Liferay, even if you don’t fit into the traditional Portal Administrator role.   The knowledge you will gain in this course will give you a strong foundation for taking the Portal Developer or System Administrator courses as well.   If you’ve been using Liferay for a while, this course is a great way to review features you may not be using and to get hands on with some of the new features added in Liferay 6.0.  
Because of the amount of material covered it will be pretty intense day of training, but it will be a great way to start your 2011 West Coast Symposium experience and will ensure that you are prepared to get the most out of the following two days of sessions and workshops.   
I look forward to seeing you there!

Training Update

Company Blogs June 17, 2011 By Jeffrey Handa Staff

Greetings everyone.  There has been a lot going on in the Liferay Training department and I wanted to give you a quick update of what we’ve been up to and what’s coming up in the next couple months.   

In May, we offered training in conjunction with our East Coast Symposium.   This was the first time that we’ve done this, but based on the feedback of the Community, we will definitely be planning on doing this again.  As part of the pre-ECS training, Stephen Kostas led the inaugural offering or our Developing Themes with Liferay course.  The class was very well received and will be available again as a public training in Chicago in August.  The ECS training was also the first offering of Portal Administrator Express training here in the US.  For clients looking at Private Trainings, both of these one-day trainings are good add-ons to our 3 day Portal Developer training. 

This month, we’re putting the finishing touches on our Advanced Developer Training.  In fact, we just wrapped up an internal preview of this course in which all of the material was presented to and reviewed by senior Liferay consultants and engineers.  Based on this week’s preview, I think you’re really going to like this new course.   The first offering of this course is scheduled for July 13 – 15 in Philadelphia.  There are still seats available and if you book your seat before next Friday, you can use discount code SECRET400 to save $400 dollars of your registration.   

Once the Advanced Developer Training is out the door, we’ll be turning out attention to creating new materials for the next release of Liferay.  Be on the look out for details about the updates to the courses and new course offerings.

Liferay Training Update

Company Blogs January 13, 2011 By Jeffrey Handa Staff

Hey Everyone, 

This last year has been an exciting time to be involved in the Liferay Training Program and I wanted to let you know what we've been up to and to give you a preview of some of the exciting things to come.


Portal Administrator training went through a major overhaul to provide more relevant examples and to connect all of the exercises together into an overarching theme. The course now walks students through the creation of a complete site built with the Liferay Platform and at the end, students will have a fully functional Liferay 6.0 Website that utilizes many of the key features that make Liferay the most popular Java CMS.


Also, starting with the release of Liferay 6.0, we began utilizing the Liferay Developer Studio for all 6.0 based Portal Developer training (Liferay training is currently available on all supported versions of Liferay Enterprise Edition, including 5.1, 5.2, and 6.0). This has greatly reduced the amount of setup time and helped students focus more on developing with Liferay and less time getting their environment setup.


The System Administrator course also went through an update for version 6.0 to reduce the amount of time spent setting up and more time focused on topics such as creating a Liferay Cluster and upgrading a Liferay Instance. The course also added coverage of the new Liferay Cluster Link for synching cache and indexes across a cluster.


In 2010 we also added additional training partners that are able to provide more Liferay training in more languages than ever before.


Looking ahead to 2011, we have even more planned. If you've seen the Liferay Training Schedule, you'll notice more public course sand new locations, including our first public training to be held in the New York City area.  We'll also be introducing several new courses for Liferay 6.0 starting with an online Social Office Administrator training scheduled for March 22nd – 23rd and an Advanced Developer Training to be held in Philadelphia July 13th – 15th. Keep an eye on the Course Descriptions web page on as we'll be posting course descriptions for these courses very soon. For those of you living outside of the US, don't worry, these courses will also be offered closer to home starting in the second half of 2011.


If you have any questions on the training offerings or would like to get started with scheduling a Liferay training, please contact


Working with Admin Script Console

Company Blogs November 11, 2010 By Jeffrey Handa Staff

First of all, greetings to everyone in the Liferay Community. I've been lucky enough to meet many of you around the world over the last two years and I look forward to meeting more of you in the years to come.  As they say, time really does fly when you're having fun.  I can't belive it's taken me this long to writing my first post, and I hope it doesn't take another two years to write my next :)

Today I wanted to share a little bit of information about the new Liferay Administrator Script Console that's available through the Liferay Control Panel. I know that many of you have probably been wondering about this feature and perhaps thought that it wasn't working because the default script doesn't work as-is. Well last week I finally had a chance to spend a little bit of time playing around with it and I wanted to share what I learned with the community. 

First, a little background if you're not familiar with the script console or the scripting service. This feature was added in Liferay version 6.0. It was originally developed to support the execution of scripts from within the workflow module but it also provides a generic way to perform tasks that have no specific UI. A script console was also added tot he Server Administration portlet in the Control Panel to allow system administrators an easier way to execute scripts. The script engine supports the Beanshell, Javascript, Groovy, Python, and Ruby.


Some of the tasks that you might use the script console to perform might include user maintenance operations, bulk manipulations using the Liferay API to ensure consistency, or even system level operations.


To see a very simple example of the script console in action, navigate to the Control Panel → Server Administration → Script. Chance the script type to Groovy and modify the current code to look like the following: 


number = com.liferay.portal.service.UserLocalServiceUtil.getUsersCount();


Click the execute button and check the console or the log for your output.  


Let's start with a slightly more complex example to retrieve some user information from the database.  To change things up a bit, let's start by setting the script type to Python.  There are some known issues with Liferay CE (6.0.5) and Liferay EE(6.0.10) that causes the script type to reset after every execution so be sure to double check the script type to make sure it's set correctly.  With the script type set to Python, execute the following code and watch the console:

from com.liferay.portal.service import UserLocalServiceUtil
maxNumber = UserLocalServiceUtil().getUsersCount()
from com.liferay.portal.model import User
users = UserLocalServiceUtil().getUsers(0,maxNumber)
for user in users:
print user.getFullName(), " -- ",user.getLastLoginDate()

That's all that's needed to run scripts and to access the Liferay service layouer.  However, there are some things to keep in mind when working with the script console: 

  • There is no undo
  • There is no preview
  • There is no permission checking
  • Scripts are executed synchronously, so be careful with scripts that might take a long time to execute. 
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