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Portal Administrator Express to be offered at WCS

Company Blogs August 24, 2011 By Jeffrey Handa Staff


Greetings Liferay Community!
Based on the positive feedback we received after the East Coast Symposium, we will again be offering the Portal Administrator Express training in conjunction with the West Coast Symposium in Anaheim, CA.  The training will be the day before the WCS at the same location.  
You may be wondering what exactly Portal Administrator Express Training is and how it relates to our standard Portal Administrator Training. The Portal Administrator Express Training will cover the same topics as the standard two-day Portal Administrator Training, but it will move at a faster pace and will trade some of the hands-on exercises with in-depth demonstrations. Attendees will still get plenty of opportunities to get their hands dirty. We've just completed some of the more repetitive exercises for you, and focused on the most critical concepts.
Portal Administrator Express is a great introduction for anyone that’s going to be working with Liferay, even if you don’t fit into the traditional Portal Administrator role.   The knowledge you will gain in this course will give you a strong foundation for taking the Portal Developer or System Administrator courses as well.   If you’ve been using Liferay for a while, this course is a great way to review features you may not be using and to get hands on with some of the new features added in Liferay 6.0.  
Because of the amount of material covered it will be pretty intense day of training, but it will be a great way to start your 2011 West Coast Symposium experience and will ensure that you are prepared to get the most out of the following two days of sessions and workshops.   
I look forward to seeing you there!