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Liferay Training Update

Company Blogs January 13, 2011 By Jeffrey Handa Staff

Hey Everyone, 

This last year has been an exciting time to be involved in the Liferay Training Program and I wanted to let you know what we've been up to and to give you a preview of some of the exciting things to come.


Portal Administrator training went through a major overhaul to provide more relevant examples and to connect all of the exercises together into an overarching theme. The course now walks students through the creation of a complete site built with the Liferay Platform and at the end, students will have a fully functional Liferay 6.0 Website that utilizes many of the key features that make Liferay the most popular Java CMS.


Also, starting with the release of Liferay 6.0, we began utilizing the Liferay Developer Studio for all 6.0 based Portal Developer training (Liferay training is currently available on all supported versions of Liferay Enterprise Edition, including 5.1, 5.2, and 6.0). This has greatly reduced the amount of setup time and helped students focus more on developing with Liferay and less time getting their environment setup.


The System Administrator course also went through an update for version 6.0 to reduce the amount of time spent setting up and more time focused on topics such as creating a Liferay Cluster and upgrading a Liferay Instance. The course also added coverage of the new Liferay Cluster Link for synching cache and indexes across a cluster.


In 2010 we also added additional training partners that are able to provide more Liferay training in more languages than ever before.


Looking ahead to 2011, we have even more planned. If you've seen the Liferay Training Schedule, you'll notice more public course sand new locations, including our first public training to be held in the New York City area.  We'll also be introducing several new courses for Liferay 6.0 starting with an online Social Office Administrator training scheduled for March 22nd – 23rd and an Advanced Developer Training to be held in Philadelphia July 13th – 15th. Keep an eye on the Course Descriptions web page on Liferay.com as we'll be posting course descriptions for these courses very soon. For those of you living outside of the US, don't worry, these courses will also be offered closer to home starting in the second half of 2011.


If you have any questions on the training offerings or would like to get started with scheduling a Liferay training, please contact sales@liferay.com.


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It's nice to hear that but there is no... Szymon Gołębiewski January 14, 2011 12:42 AM
Hi Szymon, We'll be posting descriptions soon.... Jeffrey Handa January 14, 2011 5:31 PM
Thanks for all the work Jeff. We've always... Jorge Ferrer January 14, 2011 9:17 AM

It's nice to hear that but there is no description of "Advanced Developer Training" and "Theme Training" emoticon

Also, on what version of Social Office will be based SO Administrator training? Old ver. 1.5b ?
Posted on 1/14/11 12:42 AM.
Thanks for all the work Jeff.

We've always received very positive feedback from students, but after the improvements done during 2010 by Rich, Ed, Stephen, yourself and many others the training materials are now a joy to teach.
Posted on 1/14/11 9:17 AM.
Hi Szymon, We'll be posting descriptions soon. We're still working out the final details.

The Social Office Admin training will be based on Social Office 1.6.
Posted on 1/14/11 5:31 PM in reply to Szymon Gołębiewski.