Liferay kommt nach Österreich !

General Blogs April 26, 2012 By Jan Gregor

Zum allerersten Mal geben Liferay und ihr Gold Partner mimacom in Wien eine Einführung in die führenden Open Source & Entreprise Portalplattform Liferay . Während dieser Roadshow am 6. Juni lernen Sie das Liferay Portal als eine einzigartige Kombination aus Produkt und Framework kennen, sowie den Umgang in Entreprise Projekten und mit den Features, welche Liferay zum populärsten Portalprodukt geführt haben. Um einen Überblick über die relevantesten Themen zu geben, wird das Liferay Portal von drei unterschiedlichen Perspektiven vorgestellt – Produktanbieter, Partner und Kundensicht. Zum Schluss werden Sie zudem in eine innovative Kombination von BPM-und Portallösung eingeführt, welche unlängst zu einem sehr populären Thema in der Enterprise Umgebung wurde.


Mehr informationen uber den Event finden Sie hier. Die registration konnen Sie an finden.

Wir freuen uns, Sie begrüssen zu dürfen und mit Ihnen einen interessanten Nachmittag zu verbringen!



Improving Efficiency with Portal Development

General Blogs February 9, 2012 By Jan Gregor


Most of you have probably noticed a new liferay community project by MIMACOM and ZEROTURNAROUND focused on Improving development efficiency. Now, we would like to present this project, its features and real-world use cases in a webinar. The webinar is planned on 13th. February at 16:00 CET and will take approximately 1 hour. If you are interested in improving your portal development and would like to know how this approach can save you up to 1 hour / day,  I will be pleased to see you there!


The webinar will be focused on following topics:

  • (Portal) development common problems complexity, standardization and efficiency by development is always an issue not by portal development.
  • JRebel & Liferay – A perfect combination for state-of-the-art portal development with focus on efficiency a development without server restarts or deployments.
  • Community project - Bringing this tool and ideas into community and sharing ideas, improvements or feature requests.
  • Usage in enterprise project – from problems and challenges to solutions and improvements. An enterprise project will be used for demonstrating usage of this tool and improvements which it brought.
  • Live demo - demonstrating the plugin features by portlet / hook and theme development.
  • Q&A - space for your questions and discussions.


The registration is open and you can sign up at Looking forward to see you there!

New Liferay Project: JRebel/Liferay Integration

General Blogs November 13, 2011 By Jan Gregor

Have you ever wondered about the number of deployments and server restarts you do per day ? For example, a single deployment takes 30 seconds and a server restart takes 1 minute (and these numbers are actually very optimistic).  For a typical scenario of 7 deployments and 2 server restarts per hour you need 60 re-deployments and 20 server  restarts per day. That adds up to almost 1 hour per day, 5 hours per week and 20 hours per month - that's almost 3 working days!.

So you spent 20 hours per month simply by doing nothing, or waiting. Ok, maybe not by doing nothing, there are some creative types who can spend their time being quite useful...

The fact that you end up spending 20 hours each month doing nothing would be definitely interesting to your boss :) But it's also frustrating for developers who cannot work as efficiently as they would like to. Especially in a portal enviroment, there are lots of deployments needed, both to the Application server and Liferay as well. These facts are very often a pain for new developers coming into the portal world.

No need to despair, though. We at mimacom believe that there is always a way to do things better. That's why we have decided to work with Liferay and Zeroturnaround (creators of JRebel) to start a new Liferay project to focus on solving this problem. The goal is to be able to develop with Liferay without the need of redeployments or server restarts.

JRebel/Liferay Integration Project

A few months ago, Neil Griffin posted a blog post about JRebel , which was the inspiration for me to dig into this tool a bit more and start using it. If you want to learn more about this tool, you will find all the important information at the JRebel project page. If you are developing Open Source Software, you can get your licence for free!

As Neil posted in his article, JRebel is works pretty good with Liferay when working on portlet plugins.  However, there are some issues when using JRebel with Liferay hooks and themes. That's why we have decided to create a Liferay project to develop a plugin for JRebel with the following goals:

  • Full support of Liferay theme framework (allow user to edit all static files in the IDE)
  • Full support of Liferay hook framework (allow any changes in any type of hook to be automatically reflected in the portal)
  • Full support of instance changes made in plugin descriptors (portlet.xml,liferay-hook.xml...)

Project page

This project will be the first of hopefully many community-driven projects, and will soon have its own project page on The project page will allow the community to have an entry point to find all relevant information about this project and how to get involved. Additionaly you will be also able to see the latest features of the plugin, report your bugs, and even contribute to the plugin. 

Community input

I hope that with this article, you can see how this tool can make your everyday life easier and save you a lot of time. At the moment we have identified some issues to tackle, but we know, that there are definitely more. We would be very happy if the Liferay community can provide us your experiences, problems, and any feedback related to using this tool. Your feedback and contributions will help us improve the plugin and move Liferay development to a new level, which will allow the whole community to develop application at a speed of light :) So until the project page is  ready, feel free to post your problems, or experiences just by posting comments on this blog.

So from now on, I am not accepting any complaints about the inefficiency of Liferay development and look forward to seeing all of you saving time in your developement tasks!

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