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Help CDS Global Win a Forrester Groundswell Award!

General Blogs September 4, 2013 By Jamie L Sammons

Forrester Groundswell Awards honors initiatives that represent excellent and effective use of social technologies to advance an organizational or corporate goal.

CDS Global choose Liferay Portal 6.1 EE GA2 for implmenting our new Share Chain. Liferay's Open Source roots such as the power to take control of the software and customize it to our needs allowed us to quickly and easily implement the new requirements.

The Share Chain uses Liferay's Message Board componement to allow employees to request collective support for spreading important news across an individuals' social networks.

Harnassing the power of a customized Asset Publisher along with Tags and Catergories we can easily aggregate many types of content into a centrailized Social Business Hub page in Liferay including the entries from the Share Chain Message Board.

A Forrester Groundswell award would be very benficial for both Liferay and CDS Global as a whole. Please take a moment and vote by clicking the link below and looking for "My rating: " below the screenshot in the right-hand column.

Our submission: CDS Global's Social Business Hub: Share Chain (http://groundswelldiscussion.com/groundswell/awards/detail.php?id=1007)

Social Business Showcase: http://cdsglobalgroundswell.tumblr.com/

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