Accessing Ext2/Ext3 partitions from Windows

Company Blogs October 29, 2007 By James Min Staff

I have a dual-boot setup on my machine Ubuntu Linux / Windows XP and I often access my Linux Ext3 partitions from Windows using this tool:


It's the most simple thing you can install, and afterward, you will have read-write access to your Ext2/Ext3 partitions.


I can't say much for performance, but that is totally understandable. It's more for convenience sake. But FYI, here are how fast my Liferay portal source builds (portal source "ant all") are:


Intel Core2 Duo 2.33 GHz, 2GB RAM

Windows XP / NTFS - ~8 minutes

Windows XP / Ext3 (fs-driver) - over 12 minutes

Ubuntu Linux / Ext3 - ~2 1/2 minutes

Getting Started with Liferay

Company Blogs October 27, 2007 By James Min Staff

I wrote a new wiki because I saw some gripes in the forums.


I think though, that more people want a guide on how to just start setting up communities, users, basic permissions, and portal default settings. That is a whole new guide altogether, I feel.

Quick and Easy Oracle 10G Express for Liferay 4.3.3 on Ubuntu Feisty 7.04

Company Blogs October 24, 2007 By James Min Staff

You don't have to be a DBA to get Oracle 10G set up for Liferay. If you just want to get something simple up and running quickly for your Ubuntu machine, just follow this guide:

[ This guide adapted from ]



Add this line to /etc/apt/sources.list file:


deb unstable main non-free

As root, type:


apt-get update
apt-get install oracle-xe
/etc/init.d/oracle-xe configure

Edit your .bashrc file to include the lines:



export PATH

Start a new bash shell for the changes to take effect.


To log in as a database administrator:


sqlplus sys as sysdba

It will then be possible for you to create and unlock user accounts using Oracle SQL commands - the details of which are beyond the scope of this doc.





Now for creating users / schema / ... you have a nice http interface to do it :





Creating Liferay Tables

Liferay provides a dmp file that you can easily import using Oracle's "imp" command. Use "man imp" for more info.

The file is called: liferay-portal-sql-oracle-10-4.3.3.dmp

Here is the link to the download page:




To see what you are connecting to, go to the /etc/oratab file. By default there is a line like so:



Basically, this is how you read it:

The three parts of that line tell the system that you have an instance/database called XE (your name might be different of course); it's ORACLE_HOME is /usr/lib/oracle/xe/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/server, so that's where the executables to run the database can be found; and right now it's IS to be automatically started or stopped.:Y

There you have it.


Configuring Tomcat

I'm not going to go into detail here since this is already documented, but just make sure you change the ROOT.xml in your tomcat config to point to this database schema, and also that you have the jar file of the oracle driver installed.


Good Luck!

Wired Korea

Company Blogs October 21, 2007 By James Min Staff

When it comes to being wired, the US is in the stone ages. No joke.

I've been reading this series of articles on CNN the past few weeks: Eye on South Korea. It's a series that highlights the cutting edge stuff going on in a country that only 3 or 4 decades ago was still considered a 3rd world nation. Only 10 years ago was the Asian Financial Crisis (some refer to this as the "IMF crisis" even though that is an inaccurate description) and what a turn-around. South Korea has been known as the most wired nation in the world for a while now. But do you know what that really means? Facebook? iPhone? Extremely fast broadband internet over your mobile phone? Whatever! That is all old news and a big yawn to South Koreans.

Even in Europe, the mobile technology is so much better (and cheaper). You can get a flat-rate unlimited HSDPA/UMTS pc card (for you non-techies, that's fancy talk for a broadband internet card) for like 25 euros a month. From an American perspective, I know many feel like the USA is going through a "Fall of Rome" period, technology-wise. Innovation, usability, and accessibility (e.g. - price) is not happening in the USA. It's in Asia, Europe... Africa in some cases.

Check out these facts (some of them unfathomable in the USA):


Facts from 'Digital Korea'


Tomi Ahonen's book "Digital Korea" discusses digital convergence in South Korea. Here are some excerpted statistics:

- 90% of South Koreans have broadband Internet access.

- 63% of South Koreans make payments using their cell phones.

- 43% of Korea's population maintain an online profile or blog site in Cyworld.

- Over 50% of South Koreans have migrated their cell-phone account to 3G.

- The most popular online game in Korea, Lineage, has 14 million users worldwide, twice as many as World of Warcraft.

- The second most desired car is not a Ferrari but a "Solid Pro," a virtual car from the online game Kart Rider.

- In South Korea, the average broadband connection is between 50 and 100 megabits a second (compared with the UK's average 4.6 megabits). South Korea is already rolling out pilot connections at 1,000 megabits a second.

- South Koreans pay for their broadband at the lowest rates in the world.

- In 2006, 57% of South Korea's music sales were digital compared to 10% in the U.S. (Source: IFPI January 2007)

Cell phones:

- South Korean youth replace cell phones every 11 months. (SOURCE: NIDA September 2005)

- 99% of phones sold in South Korea in 2005 were camera phones. (SOURCE: MIC 2006)

- 40% of South Korean youth send SMS text messages in class. (SOURCE: Korea Agency for Digital Opportunity & Promotion 2005)

- 37% of South Koreans download cell-phone games. (SOURCE: NIDA 2005)

· 15% of South Koreans play video games on their cell phones every day. (SOURCE: Korea Agency for Digital Opportunity & Promotion 2005)

- Over 30% of South Korean students send 100 text messages a day. (SOURCE: Korea Times, February 9, 2006)

- 20% of South Korean cell-phone owners use Internet search on their cell phones. (SOURCE: NIDA September 2005)

- 30% of South Koreans upload pictures from camera phones to social-networking sites. (SOURCE: Seoul Magazine, December 2005)

- 42% of South Korean cell-phone owners send picture messages. (SOURCE: NIDA September 2005)

Portable TV:

- South Korea became the first country to launch digital TV (DMV--Digital Media Broadcasting) to cell phones on May 16, 2005.

- Average amount of daily consumption of DMB digital TV on cell phones in South Korea is 129 minutes per day. (SOURCE: MIC January 2007)

- 43% of South Koreans use cell-phone-based Internet. (SOURCE: NIDA September 2005)

- 20% of South Korean DMB cell-phone owners watch digital TV in the car. (SOURCE: Irdeto January 2007)

Online shopping:

- 63% of South Korean cell-phone owners use mobile payment. (SOURCE: Business Week, March 2, 2006)

- 25% of all VISA cards in South Korea are provided via cell phone.

- 45% of South Koreans buy MP3 files to phones. (SOURCE: NIDA September 2005)

Mobile music:

- 97% of South Koreans buy ring tones. (SOURCE: NIDA September 2005)

- 45% of all music sold in South Korea is sold to cell phones. (SOURCE: Telecoms Korea May 29, 2006)

- 26% of South Koreans listened to MP3 songs on their cell phones in 2005. (SOURCE: TNS November 2005)

- "Ringback tones" originated in South Korea.

- Apple's iPhone is not revolutionary in Korea.

Find this article at:

In my opinion it's the responsibility of the government to facilitate ease of technology integration and provide support, just as the South Korean government did after the Asian Financial Crisis. It's like building infrastucture. Like plumbing and sewage! Just for the 21st century! Also the job of innovative hi-tech companies and organizations to just develop good products. The USA is currently in a really bad financial crisis stemming from subprime loans right now. This might be a good opportunity to just get caught up.

It's time for the USA to stop beating it's chest and thinking it is the 800 lb gorilla. It's not 1985 anymore! Times have changed and there is a Chinese, Korean, and some other big gorillas from elsewhere. And actually, they are not gorillas anymore either. They are big freakin robots.

Liferay mobile, anyone?


Build Faster!

Company Blogs October 17, 2007 By James Min Staff

"What? Liferay Portal source build in about 2 1/2 minutes, you say? How?"

Well, first of all, I'm on Ubuntu Linux which is more efficient than Windoze in file I/O and management. So the packing and unpacking of JAR files is much faster. But on top of that, I swapped out Jikes for the ECJ compiler as outlined here:


BAM! That's portal source 'ant all' folks.


This takes over 8 minutes on Windows on the same machine (I have dual-boot). I'm running WinXP/Ubuntu7.04 on a Core2 Duo with 2GB RAM. Even faster (way faster) for builds based on EXT.


How I Got My SlingPlayer to Run on Ubuntu Feisty 7.04

Company Blogs October 15, 2007 By James Min Staff

Traveling a lot lately, I've had to take some measures to get some American TV. So I set up a SlingBox with my TiVo HD Series 3 back home. I would have tried to set up a MythTV box with the streaming plugin, but I simply had no time. And as well, MythTV doesn't work with the cable cards (as far as I know). Anyhow, I got SlingBox/TiVo working beautifaully, but the SlingPlayer client has only a Windows and Mac version. I am almost always on Ubuntu. So I followed this guide:


You can pretty much follow this guide, but there were a few things I did differently, because I had a few hiccups on my machine. My machine specs:


Dell Precision M65 Core2 Duo
Ubuntu Feisty 7.04 (32-bit)
NVIDIA Quadro FX 350M (video)
SigmaTel STAC9200 (audio)


What is needed:

Ubuntu Feisty 7.04 (
Wine 0.9.46
Slingplayer (US Version) (
Various Windows Components (provided by hosted on



1) Install Wine


You can use the Synaptic Package Manager for this, per the guide referenced above.


2) Configure Wine


To get it to install on my machine without erroring out, I had to do a "winecfg" in the terminal and make sure that the virtual desktop was turned on:



You might as well check everything. Size the virtual desktop to a good size for your screen, else you will get cut-off.



3) Install SlingPLayer


I didn't have to install Windows Media PLayer as instructed to do so from the guide above. I simply ran the installer in wine (In the terminal type Wine [path to file] ) and it actually installed everything for me.  Great!



4) Download/Install the SlingPlayer Dependencies package from


This you can follow the guide referenced above, almost exactly. I say almost because I had trouble making the "Add" button UN-grey-out here:




It's because even though you choose from the dropdown, you must type something in that field to UN-grey it out. Anyhow, it should end up looking like the above. Make sure you have registered the DLL's per the guide.



5) Run SlingPlayer


Run slingplayer located in /home/[username]/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Sling Media/SlingPlayer/ and run wine with SlingPlayer.exe eg. : wine SlingPlayer.exe

In SlingPlayer, make sure VMR is checked!! Then connect to your slingbox.



Pics from our Europe Office

Company Blogs October 14, 2007 By James Min Staff

Guten tag aus Deutschland!

I've had a very busy week, training and traveling, but I found some time today to blog.

Just a few pics from the training session I gave in Hamburg, and our office in Frankfurt, Germany:


Outside Hamburg Hbf (main) station:

Hamburg Hbf

From the train:





Liferay Europe Office:
















External HD for travelers

Company Blogs October 11, 2007 By James Min Staff

I was looking for a while for something small, fast, and with some decent space. Finally found this:



160GB, 2 MB buffer, 5400 RPM, USB2.0, and it is powered via the same USB cable. NICE! 7.2 x 6.3 x 3 inches ; 3.7 ounces, it is about the size of a Nintendo DS Lite. NICE! They just came out with a 250GB version.


I highly rec'd this if you travel and are on the road frequently. I converted the partition to EXT3 for my Ubuntu linux laptop and do my Liferay builds on it often. Portal Source 'ant all' in about 2 minutes! NICE!

Liferay in Dalian, China

Company Blogs October 10, 2007 By James Min Staff

Some pics from the guys in the new China office:



Training sessions:



Fav Podcasts / Germany / Facebook

Company Blogs October 10, 2007 By James Min Staff

I'm listening to and watching a lot of podcasts lately. Here's what's on my iPod:

Yeah, yeah... I still listen to Loveline... ever since my high school days late at night on KROQ. I wish they brought back the full hour free though. That 10-minute sample stuff blows.

My fav these days is GeekBrief with Callie Lewis! OMG, she is really up-to-date on her gadget and techie know-how, and plus, she is so darn cute!

Now, that's a good video podcast. *ahem*  Informative too! =P


Deutschland has been very.... German? I think the 3rd time here, I'm finally getting some culture shock. Germans really think differently. And they love their cars more than their children. I love this German fast food called döner kebap. It's a Turkish pita kind of thing
that's really popular here.

It's crispy and kind of like the German equivalent of a burrito, but with some yogurt sauce and some spice too, over the meat and veggies.

Work got me a 1-bedroom apartment in a suburb of Frankfurt called Langen. It's spacious and clean and kinda nice. It's crazy! I even have satellite TV and the director here is thinking of getting a car for me. That's all well and good, but how long is he wanting me to stay here???


Pics? Where are the pics? OMG, I've been so swamped and it's been so hectic. I'll post some later. For now, here is a pic that my buddy Jin tagged on his Facebook, from his wedding:

[Foolio, Shenanigans (Jin), Me, Tomfoolery]



Facebook was like... almost dead last year and Myspace was reigning supreme, but they really differentiated themselves by making it so easy for developers to create all sorts of neat portlets with their new Facebook Platform. Now Facebook is totally back with a vengeance! Good for them and good for Mark Zuckerberg (founder). He turned all the money down and answers to just himself! Nice!

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