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My Next Home Project: Linux MCE

Company Blogs November 18, 2007 By James Min Staff

My next home project will be to set up Linux Media Center Edition (MCE) which runs on top of Kubuntu. [Also a wiki here.]







I've been reading up on this alternative to Windows Media Center and WOW... It blows me away! I was initially going to set up MythTV on a linux box, but this package makes things 100X simpler! Plus, this thing does everything. And by "everything" I mean EVERYTHING. Controls your TV/Cable/Satellite, DVDs/CDs, home security, lights, VoIP phone service, media cataloging/ripping/streaming... even allows your media to follow you from room to room! And more... a lot more! Plus you can get a Linux MCE remote with a gyro to point it and control your media (same technology that is in the Nintendo Wii).


Check out this demo video:




 Now that is cool! I want to throw out my TiVo Series 3 HD and SlingBox now! (Well, once I get Linux MCE set up and running...)