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Transitioning to DXP Digital Enterprise and Liferay Portal CE 7.0 Development

Company Blogs October 5, 2017 By James Hinkey Staff

If you've been developing apps, hooks, and themes on Liferay Portal 6, you might be wondering whether you'll be able to develop apps the same way on DXP Digital Enterprise 7 and Liferay Portal CE 7. The answer is "yes"!

You might also be curious whether Liferay's provided documentation that speaks to Liferay Portal 6 developers ready to transition to DXP Digital Enterprise and Portal CE 7 development. Once again, the answer is an emphatic "yes"!!

We've tailored a Learning Path for you titled From Liferay Portal 6 to 7!

Here are its topics:

There's lots of good stuff to cover. The Learning Path starts by relating the new product to what you know from Liferay Portal 6. It builds from there by highlighting new benefits, diving into OSGi and modularity fundamentals, and sharing tool improvements. But in case you need to deploy your plugins on 7.0 right away, you can jump to documentation on planning plugin upgrades first. It's completely up to you.

The upgrade planning article provides a "cheat sheet" that maps 6.x plugin types to 7.0. So you can upgrade fast. The Code Upgrade Tool does most of the code adaptations for you and it upgrades your Plugins SDK too. The Plugin Upgrade tutorials cover all the 6.x plugin types. In most cases, you can deploy your plugins as you always have (as .war files).

Upgrade Cheat Sheet

This From Liferay Portal 6 to 7 Learning Path orients you to the new product. You can take your time learning its architecture and comparing it with the 6.x arch hope is that you'll build new apps using modules. And you can decide whether it makes sense to leverage modularity in apps you've upgraded.

Lastly, you can continue to build apps using whatever tools you like. And Liferay continues to provide better tooling than ever. Here are some of the tooling improvements:

  • Rich templates for stubbing out projects
  • Extensible build environments that offer state-of-the-art plugins
  • Deployment and runtime management tools
  • Application upgrade automation
  • Liferay Workspace
  • More with Maven

Our hope is that this Learning Path helps you thrive quickly developing on 7.0. We can't wait to see the things you develop!


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