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New Dev Guide Content: Liferay Faces, Mobile SDK, Portlet Prefs, and UI Examples

General Blogs March 7, 2014 By James Hinkey Staff

Here are some of the new chapters and sections for you to check out in the Developer's Guide:

Developing JSF Portlets with Liferay Faces (New Chapter)

Liferay Faces developer content now has its own chapter in the Dev Guide. Since JSF is the Java EE standard for developing web applications using MVC, you may want to consider implementing your portlets in JSF. Liferay Faces allows you to leverage JSF 2.0 in your portlet and bridge over to Liferay Portal with ease. Liferay Faces lets you leverage AlloyUI and Liferay UI components.

Plus, Liferay Faces is well integrated with Liferay IDE, letting you leverage the most popular component suites including Liferay Faces Alloy, ICEfaces, Primefaces, and RichFaces.

Liferay IDE's New Project Wizard

Leveraging the Mobile SDK - Beta (New Chapter)

For all you mobile developers, the Liferay Mobile SDK (Beta) is here! It helps you connect your Android and iOS app with Liferay Services (including the services of the custom portlets deployed on your Liferay portal). Here are the sections links for your convenience:

  1. Using the Android SDK
  2. Using the iOS SDK
  3. Building an SDK for Custom Portlet Services

Portlet Preferences Made Easy

In both Liferay Portal 6.2 and 6.1, implementing portlet preferences just got easier! For instance, the preferences you identify are automatically stored for you--you no longer have to call the store() method.

And we added step-by-step instructions walking you through the implementing portlet preferences in the example Location Listing portlet.

Portlet Preferences in the Location Listing portlet

Creating a UI for a Service Builder Portlet

And lastly, we're answering your requests for more UI tutorials. You can get started building the UI for the example Event Listing and Location Listing portlets that you implement using Service Builder. We'll continue to explain more and more of UI development using example portlets such as these.

UI for Service Builder portlet

Thanks for trying out our Dev Guide tutorials, sharing your questions, and sharing requests (in comments and on Jira at https://issues.liferay.com/browse/LRDOCS).

And a very special thanks for KM and Dev team contributors: Cody Hoag, Rich Sezov, Bruno Farache, Neil Griffin, Kyle Stiemann, Vernon Singleton

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