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Liferay North American Symposium 2012

Company Blogs June 14, 2012 By James Falkner

This year, the Liferay Community will gather around the world to learn, share knowledge, and meet fellow Liferay technologists and experts, as part of the popular Liferay Symposium series.  The Liferay North American Symposium [Register] takes place October 8-9 in San Francisco, and it will be one you DO NOT want to miss.

What's new this year?

You mean besides everything?  It's our first time in San Francisco ("Helloooo, Frisco!!"), one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the world (in this blogger's humble and biased opinion).  We've got an awesome line up of speakers, including Liferay leadership, industry luminaries, and real world customers sharing case studies.  There are many more workshops and training activities than years past.  There's a mobile app with cool features.  My jokes are AT LEAST 30% better.  And many more surprises lurking for attendees.

Why should I attend?

Besides the normal (but still awesome) presentations about Liferay technology, case studies, etc, we also have many workshops that attendees can attend, to get hands-on experience with Liferay and related technologies.  For those who want even more depth, the full-on Liferay training will be held the day after the symposium.  There is also a LOT to do in San Francisco and the SF Bay Area, before, during, and after the symposium.  But most important (again, in my humble and biased opinion) is that you will meet and engage with the lifeblood of Liferay's community -- its people.

These are the people that make the Liferay Community clock tick -- our open source developers and contributors, partners, customers, ISVs, Marketplace publishers, and everyone in between.  It is simply the best place to get the complete Liferay experience in an action-packed 2 day event.  Registration is now open, and I'm telling you -- you won't want to miss this one.

Getting Involved

Just like last year, the agenda will include topics submitted by YOU, the Liferay community! Join the largest gathering of the Liferay community and participate in the sharing of knowledge and expertise with fellow community and Liferay experts.  Submit your topic for consideration, and join us in San Francisco, Frankfurt, Madrid, and (somewhere in) Italy!  Speakers will be announced August 15 for San Francisco, so don't wait!

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Hi James, I want to ask you a question. Sorry... Hitesh Gulati June 16, 2012 1:36 AM
Hey Hitesh! Welcome to the Liferay Community. ... James Falkner June 18, 2012 1:43 PM

Hi James,

I want to ask you a question. Sorry if I am posting it at the wrong place. Please pardon me for that as I am new to this community and I dont know where to post it.

As of now I am using Liferay 5.2. Initially I was able to publish all my pages in my application. But I am now facing problems in publishing. Can you please list out some common problems that I can check for so as to publish the pages again.

Thanks and Regards,
Hitesh Gulati
Posted on 6/16/12 1:36 AM.
Hey Hitesh! Welcome to the Liferay Community. Most technical questions are best handled in our forums. Visit liferay.com, click on "Community" at the top and then "Forums" on the left (or just go to forums.liferay.com) and choose an appropriate category to post your question. When asking your question, please provide as much detail as possible, such as the steps you took to initially publish your pages and then post details of the problems you are facing, such as screen shots, or procedures followed, etc).
Posted on 6/18/12 1:43 PM in reply to Hitesh Gulati.