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Liferay 2014 Marketplace App Contest

General Blogs April 16, 2014 By James Falkner

It's back! To celebrate and reward our outstanding community of Marketplace developers, I am happy to announce the opening of the 2014 Liferay Marketplace App Contest! Last year, we had over 70 submissions and many winners (so many that we had to extend the review period an extra week). We saw some really great and innovative apps, and also saw a nice bump in Marketplace activity in general. Last year's winners saw an average of 7x increase in downloads and 2000+ views! So while the prizes are nice, the increased visibility (and bragging rights) are even sweeter. So we're doing it again.

Contest Timeline

  • April 16: Contest Open
  • August 8: Last day for submitting apps
  • August 25: Winners announced

That gives you around 4 months to complete and submit apps for the contest. Note that apps that were already on the Marketplace as of December 31, 2013 are not eligible to be entered into the contest, except for those apps submitted last year that did not win anything (giving our previous contestants a chance to improve and re-submit!).

What can I win?

This year, we have 4 categories: Community/Free, Community/Paid, Commercial/Free, and Commercial/Paid. In each of those categories, there is a chance to win a grand prize (a paid trip to a Liferay Conference, plus other benefits), or a runner-up prize (US $300 gift cards, plus other benefits). See the contest page for more details and official rules.

Why should I enter the contest?

Besides the great prizes offered, your apps will be listed in various places ("Featured Apps", contest follow-up, and at future events) which has historically been shown to greatly increase your apps visibility and subsequent downloads and activity. Not only that, you will forever be recorded in the annals of Liferay history as an awesome app contest winner, and can even make tee shirts about it. Woo!

So how do I compete?

It's easy:

  1. Develop a Liferay App
  2. Submit App to Marketplace
  3. Fill out contest entry form
  4. Win! (Maybe)

Remember, you have until August 8, 2014 at 11:59pm US/Pacific to enter, so be sure to check out the Marketplace Developer Portal for everything you need to get started. Don't forget, even after you submit the app itself to the Marketplace, you still need to fill out the contest entry form!

We've seen a lot of great apps this year in the Marketplace (I happen to use several on a daily basis, and I am immensely grateful to the developers of those apps). I can't wait to see what our community can do this year!

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