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2012 Liferay Community Survey

Company Blogs September 25, 2012 By James Falkner

Hey all!  As your community manager, I am always trying to learn from you as much as possible, in order to make our community a better place to share ideas, meet new people, and generally grow the world of Liferay.  However, for such a large and active community, I alone cannot ever hope to conquer this task, so your Community Leadership Team has been exploring ways to solicit feedback, and not just ordinary feedback, but feedback that gets to the root motivations of participation (or not!). To that end, today we are opening the 2012 Liferay Community Survey - please take a few minutes (ok, about 10 of them) and share your feedback with us.  The results will help us further understand what motivates your participation, the improvements you wish to see, and how we can better attract and retain new community members in 2013 and beyond!

The survey will be open until October 23.  Your answers are completely anonymous, unless you wish to receive feedback, or more importantly have a chance to win cool prizes offered by our survey sponsors: MyOffice24x7, Componence, and Liferay!  Gift cards, Liferay books, and other fabulous prizes will be awarded to a few lucky survey respondants, so take the time to take the survey and make your voice heard!  Once the survey closes, the community leadership team will review the findings and present them to the community, and the results will be used to tune our efforts in the community and project going forward.

By the way: the survey questions were generated from the community, and the survey itself is implemented using MyOffice24x7 SmartForms, running on Liferay 6.1 CE GA2, configured by Componence.  So it truly was a Liferay Community effort, and we are happily "eating our own dogfood", thanks ya'll!