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Auditorium Santo Stefano Al Ponte

Santo Stefano Square, 1
50122 Florence (FI)



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In the heart of Florence, a few steps from Ponte Vecchio, there is the prestigious Auditorium of Santo Stefano al Ponte Vecchio. At one time one of the oldest churches in the city, documented as early as 1116, but probably founded long before, was deconsecrated in 1986 due to the depopulation of the historic center. Reopened to the public as Auditorium, Santo Stefano al Ponte Vecchio today contributes to the artistic development of the city thanks to its rich cultural and musical activities.


How to reach Santo Stefano al Ponte

Auditorium Santo Stefano al Ponte is located in the heart of the historical center of Florence, in the small square of the same name Santo Stefano, just 50 meters from the Ponte Vecchio. It is accessed from Via Por Santa Maria.

WALKING: This is the best solution to reach the venue of Santo Stefano Al Ponte. The distance from the railway station is about 1 km (15 minutes walking). We recommend a stroll through the historic center of Florence. Easily accessible from the riversides.

BY TAXI: The taxi rank is located outside the railway station

BY CAR: to enter the center of Florence 's car, you need the special permit issued by the police force. Parking in Florence: Where to park? Click here to see the parking options.

BY PLANE: "Florence Peretola Airport" is located just 5 km from the Florence city centre. From the airport, by public transport, bus services run directly to the city centre. Departures from/to the airport are available on the web site


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What to see in Florence

Florence, at the heart of the Italian Rennaisance, might seem like an open air museum to most visitors. The piazzas and buildings themselves are a testament of the history of architecture and of past eras. Florence's cathedral, churches and many palaces were designed, built and decorated by many of the most illustrious of artists of the time, from Brunelleschi to Michelangelo, and can be admired freely from the outside. But in order to see another side of Florence, the side the contains most of its treasures, you need to go indoors and visit at least one or two museums while you are here. There you will find the paintings, sculptures and frescoes imagined and created by the greatest minds of all time. (More)

Florence is considered by many to be an open-air museum. If you are interested in architecture, for example, you don't need to visit any museums: many of the palaces and squares are masterpieces of their own. Designed by Michelozzo, Andrea di Cambio and Brunelleschi, among many others, many of the great palaces and piazzas in Florence are spectacular to behold. The main squares often display statues by Giambologna or Michelangelo. Ponte Vecchio, Old Bridge, is a treasure to admire. (More)

Florence, like many Italian cities, is filled with churches. But as the cradle of the Renaissance, it was specifically for many of these churches and family chapels that magnificent works of art were commissioned of the greatest artists of all time. Therefore, in order to see many of these masterpieces it is necessary to visit at least a few churches. We recommend you visit some of the following churches in Florence. (More)

Florence is one of the few cities around the world whose entire historical center is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The reason is because it offers hundreds, maybe thousands, of things to see and to do. In order to make planning your visit to Florence easier, we suggest you possible itineraries in and around Florence. Both if you are staying 2 days and a month we try to give you advices and ideas to organize your holiday in Florence. (More)

Florence is not just the cradle of Renaissance or an open-air museum. This splendid city is a famous shopping destination. In Florence you'll find all types of shops from luxury boutiques to craftsmen shops, from antique stores to food markets where you can find delicious cheese, wines and more. Florence's historical center is a mix of both historical attractions alternated with shops. The center has many stores and shops from Gucci, H&M, Furla to the Disney Store. You will also find many artisan workshops and ateliers, offering handcrafted products that have been made in Florence for centuries. (More)


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