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JSON: Just Some Outstanding News

Company Blogs May 30, 2011 By Igor Spasić Staff

Some news regarding JSON serialization and exposing service API as JSON web services...

We have a new JSON serialization tool that we call 'loose serialization'. It automatically serializes any object into JSON string, just with a single call. There are some additional features, like include/exclude hints, annotations, transformers... that developer may use to fine-tune JSON serialization process. Read more.

As you already may know, service methods can be called using HTTP request that returns JSON string. We improved this functionality by making this even more developer friendly. Now developer can control which methods will be visible and may pass method arguments in several convenient ways. Read more.

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Hey Igor! This is awesome! I was looking all... Thiago Leão Moreira May 30, 2011 1:18 PM

Hey Igor!

This is awesome! I was looking all my weekend to some kind of documentation or sample of this new feature... now you gave me all! Thanks!
Posted on 5/30/11 1:18 PM.