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Github Cheating

Company Blogs December 30, 2011 By Igor Beslic Staff

Have you ever faced github pull request bug which manifests in a way that list of peopole you want to send pull request to doesn't contain that person?

I did, in moment when pull request should be sent ASAP. So same moment I got a workaround link but my happyness went away from my windows user smiled face when I noticed that .sh and .py endings. OK, house is burning, what is next step? Install pyton for windows? Install cygwin? Instal vmware and call friend to give you some ready linux image....

No, I do it better way also known as harder way. When you are in github and you selected Pull request you will be able to select person you want to send pull request to from drop down list. If person is not in a list do following:

  1. make sure you are browsing github from latest version of Google Chrome
  2. acquire target person github username (lets say ivicacardic)
  3. select branch you want to send pull request for, click Pull Request, click Change Commits to bring up form with drop down for target user selection
  4. right click to dropdown, choose Inspect element what will bring up chrome developer tools window
  5. expand html select element and position to any of option nodes eg. <option value="igorbeslic/liferay-portal">igorbeslic/lifera...</option>
  6. right click to value attribute and chose Edit Attribute
  7. now change value to starts with github username of person you are sending pull request like value="ivicacardic/liferay-portal"
  8. go back to page select igor beslic from drop down and than click Update Commit Range

BRAVO! Github shows that PR for ivica is ready!

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Nice hack! I'm glad I use Linux ;) Thiago Leão Moreira January 4, 2012 10:11 AM
[...] Too many blog posts and wiki page updates... Anonymous January 29, 2012 5:37 AM
Hi Igor, How can we configure the third-party... Sharavan Maripelli March 1, 2016 8:51 AM

Nice hack! I'm glad I use Linux ;)
Posted on 1/4/12 10:11 AM.
[...] Too many blog posts and wiki page updates to list today. Well, ok, a couple. DDL III. SASS. Sesame. Social Equity. Github Cheating. That is all I have time for. The rest can be found at... [...] Read More
Posted on 1/29/12 5:37 AM.
Hi Igor,

How can we configure the third-party Authentication provider which using OAuth2 implemetation. Didn't seen any real-time implementation how we can implement this in Liferay

Can we get the sample OAuth2 Client Portlet sample code from git location . We tried following the Blog instruction but we are having issue to Authenticate with the third-party Authentication provider

Really appropriated your suuport
Posted on 3/1/16 8:51 AM.