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Pentaho Portlets

Introduction #

This article explains how to install the sample JSR-168 portlets distributed by Pentaho.

Pentaho distributes JSR-168 integration with its Business Intelligence (BI) suite. They have also distributed sample portlets and data to give an example of Pentaho's integration.

Installation #

This wiki assumes experience with installing Liferay portal and a basic understanding of Pentaho's Business Intelligence (BI) suite.

Setup Liferay With MySQL #

Though Pentaho's sample portlets are configured for both MySQL and HSQLDB, the installation here will be based on HSQLDB. In order for Liferay's database to not conflict with Pentaho's, we will configure Liferay to point to a MySQL schema. This will assume the use of Liferay, bundled with Tomcat 5.5.

  1. Install Liferay Portal 4.3.4 (Bundled with Tomcat for JDK 5.0).
  2. Create a MySQL database with the SQL scripts provided from Liferay.
  3. Install the MySQL JDBC driver and configure Liferay to use the MySQL schema.
  4. Make sure you can startup Liferay and hit http://localhost:8080.

Setup Pentaho #

Pentaho requires the installation of several WAR files and the use of the database and solutions.

  1. Download and unzip the latest pentaho_j2ee_deployments-<version>.zip from Pentaho.
  2. Run the ant target ant war-all-pentaho-tomcat.
  3. Though there will be errors, hot deploy the file /pentaho_j2ee_deployments-<version>/build/pentaho-wars/tomcat/hsqldb/pentaho.war by one of two methods:
    1. Drop it in the auto.deploy.deploy.dir specified in portal-ext.properties.
    2. Use the Plugin Installer portlet, under the Upload File tab, to upload the pentaho.war file
  4. Shutdown Liferay.
  5. Configure the <tomcat>/conf/server.xml file as delineated in Pentaho's Wiki.
  6. Copy pentaho-portal-layout.war, pentaho-style.war, and sw-style.war from /pentaho_j2ee_deployments-<version>/build/pentaho-wars/ to <tomcat>/webapps/.
  7. Download and unzip pentaho_sample_data-<version>.zip and pentaho_solutions-<version>.zip from Pentaho as sibling directories to <tomcat>.
  8. In /pentaho-data, run start_hypersonic.sh or, for Windows, start_hypersonic.bat.
  9. Make sure you can startup Liferay and hit http://localhost:8080.

Use Pentaho's Sample Portlets #

After starting up Liferay, Pentaho and its sample portlets should be ready for use.

  1. Login to Liferay with the default user credentials: test@liferay.com / test.
  2. Go to the Liferay Dock and click Add Content. You should see the Pentaho portlets under the category Undefined. Add the portlets: RegionFilterPortlet, RegionFilterPortlet, PieDatasetChartPortlet, and EmbeddedReportPortlet.
  3. Choose specific controls in the Filters portlet, and click Update. You should see something like the following:

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Is there going to be a new install process for... Lisa Simpson September 11, 2009 8:00 AM
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liferay-portlet.xml,liferay-display.xml are... vasv kumar February 24, 2011 9:56 PM
Hi, anyone knows tell me where I can find this... FREDERICO ARAÚJO December 16, 2014 11:54 AM

Is there going to be a new install process for 5.2.3??? Surely its changed somewhat by now...
Posted on 9/11/09 8:00 AM.
I followed the complete procedure above on Liferay 4.4.3, tomcat 5.5 and pentaho_j2ee_deployments-1.6.0-RC2.820. Yes, every thing looked good but couldn't see any portlets related to pentaho. Rather, I could access pentaho only as a web-app from http://localhost:8080/pentaho.
Posted on 9/14/09 2:38 AM.
We are also very interested in any documentation on integrating Liferay 5.2.3 with Pentaho 3.0.0.
Posted on 10/9/09 4:32 PM in reply to Lisa Simpson.
Any news on this one ? I go and try it out if it is going to work i will let you know
Posted on 1/14/10 1:54 AM.

Recently I got an assignment where we need to integrate the Liferay Portal Standard Edition 5.2.3 with Pentaho 3.5.0 or 3.5.2 using Tomcat 5.5. I have found many documents on the net for the older versions integration but not on the version I am working on.

Can any one pl help me on this by providing some pointer?

Any genius?

Posted on 4/22/10 12:20 AM.
check this link
Posted on 7/7/10 3:34 AM in reply to Vineet Bansal.

Looks great from the pictures... but unfortunately I do not speak Spainish... Do you know of an English translation other then google? ...or is the Google translation accurate?


Posted on 10/19/10 5:20 PM in reply to Sultee khan.
I want to integrate Liferay 5.2.3 with tomcat 5.23 and Pentaho 1.7.I have tried all the above steps,but i want to know how can i get RegionFilterPortlet, RegionFilterPortlet, PieDatasetChartPortlet, and EmbeddedReportPortlet.Since i have deployed pentaho-portal-layout.war, pentaho-style.war, and sw-style.war in webapps folder.
When i deploy it i am able to see the above 3 portlets ie pentaho-portal-layout, pentaho-style, and sw-style.All showing open link.When i click on it i get a page showing "HTTP Status 404" errpr.

Please let me know i need to do,so that i can view the reports or graphs as shown in the above wiki.

Thanks in advance.
Any idea or suggestions are welcome.
Posted on 1/13/11 1:24 AM.
liferay-portlet.xml,liferay-display.xml are missing in pentaho.war,then how can i add portlets into a page through control panel.

liferay-portlet.xml is not there in war,so because of this all 15 portlets are unregistering immediately after registered.
Posted on 2/24/11 9:56 PM.
Hi Ankit,

Did you got any solutions for this.
Posted on 2/24/11 11:15 PM in reply to ankit yakkundi.
Hi, anyone knows tell me where I can find this portlet for version 6.2 of Liferay?
Know if this portlet has continuity or if there is another initiative?

Since already thank you for your attention.

Frederick Araújo
Posted on 12/16/14 11:54 AM.