Eclipse Indigo Update

Company Blogs June 24, 2011 By Greg Amerson Staff

Just a quick note Liferay IDE users who are wanting to upgrade to Eclipse Indigo.  At the moment the stable version of LIferay (1.2.3) does not support Eclipse Indigo.  However, the next version of Liferay IDE (1.3) that is due to be out next month does support Indigo.  If you want to upgrade to Eclipse Indigo now and continue to use Liferay IDE you will need to install the development build (nightly) of Liferay IDE built for Indigo which can be found here:

Since this is a nightly build it will be subject to frequent changes over the next few weeks as the 1.3 release is completed but it should be ready for everyday use in its current state.  If you run into issues be sure and either post a question on the Liferay IDE forums or create an issue on the Liferay IDE JIRA project.

Good luck with Eclipse Indigo!

Helios SR2 and Liferay IDE 1.2.1

Company Blogs February 25, 2011 By Greg Amerson Staff

Hello everyone,

*See Update *

I just noticed that Eclipse has released Eclipse Helios SR2 (3.6.2).  Also last week we released a bug fix release for Liferay IDE 1.2.1.  Unfortunately I have just verified that the latest Eclipse release (3.6.2 and WTP 3.2.3) is not compatible with Liferay IDE 1.2.1 (as well as previous versions).  If you upgrade to Helios SR2 there will be a new blocking issue introduced during publishing of projects (deployment) that will cause it to fail.  There is no workaround that I know of at this time other than to use Plugins SDK deployment via "ant deploy" build.  

This issue can be fixed but it wont be available until next week, Monday at the earliest.  Sorry for the inconveince.

*Update*  Version 1.2.2 has been released that contains a fix for the previous incompatibility..  So just "Check for updates..." to get the latest version.


Liferay IDE 1.2 Released

Company Blogs February 10, 2011 By Greg Amerson Staff

Hello all,

Its been awhile since the last Liferay IDE release as I've been busy on some tooling for our EE customers, however, along the way I've been adding new features and improvements to IDE as well.  So we've pushed out a new Liferay IDE v1.2 release today.  

As with all previous releases it can be installed (or updated) via the update-site URL:

If you need more instructions for installation see the install guide here:

Here are the highlights of the release:

  • Portlet UI Framework support
  • JSF and Vaadin framework support for portlet projects
  • Improved Ext plugin deploy/undeploy support
  • Liferay Server config more customizable

To see a longer list of new and improved features see the Liferay IDE 1.2 New and Noteworthy page.

Thanks everyone, hit me up on the Liferay IDE forums with any questions.


If you want to try out the JSF or Vaadin support you first have to install a nightly build of Liferay 6.1 from here: and also you will need to grab a copy of the Plugins SDK from SVN trunk here:

Once you have those two you will be able to use create both JSF and Vaadin portlets.  

Importing or Sharing Projects with Liferay IDE

Company Blogs September 21, 2010 By Greg Amerson Staff

Early this month I was able to visit with many in the Liferay community at the West Coast Symposium.  I had a great time discussing some of the issues and hearing some concerns of our users with regards to their development environments and specifically their use of Liferay IDE in their daily work.  

Then last week after the latest release of Liferay IDE, I realized that instead of immediately going back and working on new features there were a couple of common user stories that were mentioned at the symposium that needed to be better documented, e.g. 1) How do you import existing plugin projects into the IDE, 2) How do you properly share Liferay IDE projects with other developers through source control.

So the result is a couple of new user guides for Liferay IDE that cover these two topics in detail.

Specifically with the project sharing guide, there are actually a couple of different methods that are possible to properly share Liferay IDE projects in source control.  However, both of those user guides are long and pretty detailed which could easily lead to errors, so along with the guides I recorded a couple of short video demonstrating each sharing method:

If you have any comments or questions please ask don't hesitate to ask me over on the Liferay IDE forums as I'll get notified by an email immediately.  If you post a comment to the wiki page directly I may not see it as soon.  Thanks!

Liferay IDE 1.1 Released

Company Blogs September 15, 2010 By Greg Amerson Staff

The latest version of Liferay IDE version 1.1 has just been released to the update sites.  To see a list of the new features and improvements take a look at the Liferay IDE 1.1 New and Noteworthy.

If you have previously installed Liferay IDE you can just use "Help > Check for Updates" and you should be offered the upgrade.

If you have not installed anything before you can add Liferay IDE to your Eclipse installation from one of the following update-sites:

If you have any trouble with upgrading or have any questions about the new features, feel free to ask a question over in the Liferay IDE forums.  Also, I should be posting another update on the blog once I've had a chance to refresh the Liferay IDE wiki pages as well as add some additional documentation for some new and enhanced features.

Lastly check this wiki page for the Liferay IDE 1.5 Plan that will cover upcoming features in the next version of the Eclipse plug-ins.

Liferay IDE available in Eclipse Marketplace

Company Blogs July 12, 2010 By Greg Amerson Staff

As as follow-up to the Helios compatible release of Liferay IDE (v1.0.1), I wanted to let everyone know that there is another installation method now available through the Eclipse marketplace.  The cool thing is that installing from the marketplace is simple by using the new marketplace client in the Eclipse Helios release.  The best part of the process is that you don't need to know the update-site only the name of what you are trying to install.  Below are a couple of screenshots of the process:

  • Launch the new Eclipse Marketplace client:

  • If you haven't launched the client before, you will need to choose the "Eclipse Marketplace", then you will see this screen:

  • To install Liferay IDE simply search for "Liferay" and it should find the entry for the IDE and then just click the "Install" button to continue.

  • Lastly you should see a screen that just confirms you want to install the Liferay IDE plugins.  Click "Finish" to continue the installation.

  • Installation of Liferay IDE should continue like normal.

Note: The Eclipse marketplace is only available in Eclipse Helios release and previous versions like Galileo don't have that feature.

Eclipse Helios support with Liferay IDE 1.0.1 update

Company Blogs July 9, 2010 By Greg Amerson Staff

The Eclipse Helios release has been available for a couple of weeks now so I wanted to let everyone know that we just released a new update to the Liferay IDE (v1.0.1) in order to support it .  This release has a few minor bug fixes but the biggest feature is that it is compatible with Helios (as well as Galileo).  

For Eclipse Helios

The new update-site is at the following URL:

To help with how to install this into your Eclipse installation you can refer to my previous blog that mentioned the 1.0.0 release or you can go directly to the Wiki page, Liferay IDE Installation Guide and just substitute the above URL for the update-site location instead of the Galileo URL.

For Eclipse Galileo

If you have already installed Liferay IDE you can simple do a check for updates to get the new 1.0.1 release:

  • Go to Help > Check for updates...
  • Select Liferay IDE v1.0.1 update

If you have not already installed Liferay IDE for Galileo yet, you can continue to use the use the previous update-site URL as it contains the new 1.0.1 release,

If you have any upgrade or installation troubles please head over to the Liferay IDE forums and be sure to let us know:

Kudos to Brian Chan, everyone's hero, he was right in the middle of builds for Liferay 6 (coming up on final release) and helped me roll out this update for the IDE in his spare cycles, thanks Brian!

Liferay IDE 1.0.0 Released

Company Blogs June 15, 2010 By Greg Amerson Staff

Now that Liferay 6.0 RC2 is available, we just released version 1.0 of the Liferay IDE.  Thanks to everyone that has been waiting patiently.   I know that I promised it last month so I hope it was worth your wait.  Please note that the IDE only supports Liferay 6.0 RC2 and beyond at the moment.  

For existing eclipse users here is the update site url for Eclipse Galileo SR2.

Update site URL

Alternatively, you can download the archived update site for users that can't install from external URL:

Here is a screenshot that shows what the installation should look like if you have added the URL properly:

If you don't currently have eclipse, take a look at the detailed installation guide that will guide you in getting what you need to use Liferay IDE.  

Going forward I will provide more resources for those interesting in using or contributing to Liferay IDE over on the main Liferay IDE wiki page.

On that page you can find more details about Liferay IDE including:

Thanks to everyone on the Liferay team that took time to help the IDE become a reality and thanks to all the Liferay community members who have showed interest and given encouragement over the past few months.  Please provide continue feedback on the IDE either here, in the forums, or in JIRA to help improve this tool for the whole community.  Good luck!

Liferay IDE 1.0 Preview

Company Blogs April 30, 2010 By Greg Amerson Staff

Hello everyone,

**Update: fixed video links, also you may want to check out the newest blogs related to the IDE, here and here **

Right now we are targeting the release of Liferay IDE 1.0 to be May 12.  Hopefully next week I can make more details available for community members to actually get your hands on the preview build and help test.  I know that several of you have offered and I will be taking you up on it, just not just yet.  Until then I do have some videos I'd like to share with everyone so you can see where things stand currently.  Below is an overview of some of the features that will be in 1.0.

1. Create new plug-in project

2. Portlet Project Deployment

3. New Portlet Wizard

4. New Hook Wizard

5. More Hook Wizard

6. Plug-in Package Editor

Be sure to check back next week and I hope to post  more details later on how to help with testing the preview builds before 1.0 is released.  Thanks for your patience!


Thanks, send me a note if you are interested in testing the preview builds.

My first week and Liferay IDE 1.0 Plan

Company Blogs February 19, 2010 By Greg Amerson Staff

Hello everyone,

Today ends my first week at Liferay so I guess I should introduce myself officially.  I joined Liferay as a software engineer and will lead the effort for official IDE tooling from Liferay.  Previously, I worked for Genuitec, LLC in Dallas, TX, who makes the MyEclipse IDE product.  For over 5 years I was a senior developer for MyEclipse and have been around the eclipse ecosystem for awhile.  Through a series of providential events I found out about Liferay and what a great company it was and their specific need for some help in the tooling area, especially on Eclipse.  So I joined the team!

I've spent the whole week out in the LA office and it has been great meeting everyone and getting to work for a few days with them.  So after a my first few days, Brian Chan and I mapped out a 2 month plan for the first release of Liferay IDE.  You can see the 1.0 release plan in a wiki document below.  This document is a work-in-progress and will be changing some over the next 2 months.

Since we are still in the early design stage of Liferay IDE I would love to hear feedback from the community on requirements and use-cases, or in generally things that bug you the most about using Eclipse and Liferay. :)

Jorge graciously setup a forums category here for discussion about Liferay IDE.

Once again its an honor to join such a great team and I'm really looking forward to working with you all (or yall if you live in Texas like me).

Best regards,

Greg Amerson

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