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Partner Visits - Lister Technologies

General Blogs June 27, 2013 By Glenn Saler Staff

Liferay's Hamilton office has now officially been open for about 4 weeks and we have had some great visitors.  Starting this summer I will be inviting more of our certified Liferay Service Partners to our office to get some quality one on one time with not only myself, but our wonderful sales team that are located here as well.

Two weeks ago we had our partner Lister Technologies in for a visit.  It was a great visit in which both Josh Asbury - Director of Corporate Sales and myself got to spend some quality time with both Kumar Sivaraman (CEO) and Preetam Kumar (VP Biz Dev), see photo below.  We really appreciate Kumar taking the time to stop by for a visit while visitng the US for a few weeks.

Lister Technologies is headquartered in India with a strong customer presense in the US.  Kumar resides in India while Preetam is located in the US running biz dev for the US territory.  Our meeting consisted of sharing ideas from marketing, sales, e-commerce implementations which they specialize in as well as the concept of Extreme Off-Shoring.  Lister is the pioneer of the Extreme Off-Shoring model which is based off of the traditional off-shore model, but fixes the pain points including on-shore project / architecture meetings and such.  To learn more check out their site at: http://www.listertechnologies.com/index.html

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