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Liferay partner blog contributions

General Blogs May 31, 2013 By Glenn Saler Staff

Starting this week I am going to be posting some information from some of our excelletn partners and their blog posts which are extremely helpful when it comes to customer use cases and more in depth overviews of some of the different features available in the latest versions of Liferay products.

This week I would like to bring focus to a blog written by our 2012 North American Partner of the Year Xtivia titled: "Liferay 6.1 SAML Custom Assertion - http://blogs.xtivia.com/home/-/blogs/trackback/liferay-6-1-saml-custom-assertion

Liferay's SAML implementation is built on top of OpenSAML 2.0 and is available as a Liferay Enterprise Edition plugin.  For more information on this particular topic, please check out Xtivias blog and feel free to comment or request more information.  

For more information on Liferay Enterprise Edtion or to schedule a demo, please vist: http://www.liferay.com/request-a-demo

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