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Certified Partner Marketplace Apps - Youngsoft My Shortcuts Portlet

General Blogs June 6, 2013 By Glenn Saler Staff

We have some awesome certified partners and I want to start pointing out some of the great stuff they are doing including marketplace applications that they are starting to upload for community usage.  The first application is the My Shortcuts portlet .

This portlet is developed by Youngsoft, Inc. Liferay Platinum Service Partner in America. My Shortcuts portlet is a very simple portlet which lets user create shortcuts using Shortcut title & Shortcut URL. It is much simplified version of out of box Bookmarks portlet. Each user can have individual shortcuts for each liferay site. Portlet also keeps track of basic auditing information such as create date, modified date & created by. Guest users cannot create shortcuts using this portlet.

Key Technical Leanings:
Portlet provides great example to learn following aspects of portlet programming:
1. Perform CRUD operations using Liferay’s Service Builder.

2. Perform Add/Edit, Delete, Search operations in Java & JSPs using Liferay MVC Portlet

For more information about this portlet and to contact the contributor for the source please go to: http://www.liferay.com/marketplace/-/mp/application/25287177

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There are two useful layouts also which will... Arvind Mishra June 7, 2013 11:19 AM

There are two useful layouts also which will help in adding this portlet to much shorter area.

Posted on 6/7/13 11:19 AM.