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Things Liferay should consider changing ASAP!!!!

Company Blogs October 23, 2007 By David Truong Staff

  • more scaffolding ant tasks that will fill in all those annoying xmls for us and create a basic portlet action
  • better urls... i know why we have the ones we have and why we need them but we need to figure out a way to simplify them even more... www.sitename.com as the home page without any apache url rewrites would be lovely (virtual hosts)
  • better blog!  guest cant even comment yet.. you need to dig in to the entry before you can comment
  • explore the possibilities of scripting languages more.... i think we support most of them now.. now lets try building something significant with them to see how good it is.
  • more unit tests even though they dont make sense alot of times so people will stop complaining
  • better documentation for simple stuff... how to override a jsp..  add a colorscheme.. differences between portal and portlet pages... small things that seem trivial to liferay experts but would help a newb alot.. and we actually have some of them but people cant find them so it means wherever we are putting them is too hard to find.
  • pull out all portlets to deployable wars... which will be tough since alot of portlets depend on each other.. which means those things need to be pulled out or those portlets need to be bundled together..
  • redo permissions ui more..  its supposedly alittle better now..  but still.. it kinda sucks
  • add narrow and wide views back to columns so we can define how portlets should look if its in a narrow or wide view.. it used to be in 3.6 but we thought we didnt need it.. but we were wrong it turned out to be useful.. a little at least
  • load javascript better smarter or smaller... one of those.. nates been working on it and its making progress
  • sessionless stuff is super buggy..  it looks promising.. we should improve it...
  • get someone to design a theme thats crazy looking cause we havent seen one yet...EDIT..the aqua theme was pretty crazy...a new one like that!
  • build a text to image filter and also a gradient filter...  to help the themes out.
  • and last but not least make my blog public because i must be heard!