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Blog Improvements!

Company Blogs October 29, 2007 By David Truong Staff

Our blogs has finally gotten a second look and I'm glad.  Blogs should be improved tredmendously and already I see people commenting on people's blogs.  Hopefully the response to blogs will be as positive as the ones we received for message boards and mail.  When Liferay decides to use our own products we really put in a lot of effort to make it a very good product so we should continue to see major improvements to blogs.  Already Brian Chan has told me we've just checked in a new commenting system that makes it way more usable and this weekend i finished writing tag libraries (which aren't restricted to blogs btw)  to add digg, delicious, furl, newsvine, technorati, blinklist, and reddit.  So soon you will be able to digg this article =).  I need to add a few more.. boingboing, fark, stumbleupon, magnolia...  but blogs is looking good... Next we should move all our docs into our own wiki so we are forced to rewrite it and make it awesome (Jorge already started)!

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i want to write some taglibs for blogs too... James Min October 29, 2007 3:04 PM
Are animated gifs a new feature? Personally,... Amir Tahvildaran January 7, 2010 1:47 PM

i want to write some taglibs for blogs too...
Posted on 10/29/07 3:04 PM.
Are animated gifs a new feature? Personally, it makes me want to leave the page as fast as possible.
Posted on 1/7/10 1:47 PM.