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Liferay portal translation project available in Pootle

Company Blogs May 31, 2011 By Daniel Sanz Staff

Today we have created the Liferay Portal project at translate.liferay.com

As part of our effort of improving the Liferay translation process, some time ago we set up a Pootle site and created translation projects for the most important plugins. Now, the Liferay Portal project, which contains all literals shown by Liferay 6.1, is available for contributors.

39 languages, 5515 keys, 24775 words... Join the challenge of coming up with a truly internationalized Liferay!!

You can start translating Liferay to your own language right now. Login with your liferay credentials at translate.liferay.com (please use your screenname as login!). Detailed instructions for using the Pootle UI are provided in the wiki page Translating Liferay using Pootle.

For more information about Liferay translations (becoming a translation leader, adding a new language to the portal...), please check the translation forum.

Your contributions are very appreciated.



Threaded Replies Author Date
Nice - finally this is in. Looking forward to... Olaf Kock May 31, 2011 7:45 AM
Cool!, Liferay supports up to 39 languages now!!! Jonas Yuan May 31, 2011 11:19 AM
[...] Ahoj všichni! Jak jste si asi všimli, tak... Anonymous June 3, 2011 2:11 PM
[...] Sziasztok, A fordítási hibákat... Anonymous April 12, 2012 10:43 AM

Nice - finally this is in. Looking forward to a) use it and b) see new translations to be way easier than before. As translations have been among my first contributions to liferay, this is quite close to my heart.

Big thank you to you and all that provided work, input and resources.
Posted on 5/31/11 7:45 AM.
Cool!, Liferay supports up to 39 languages now!!!
Posted on 5/31/11 11:19 AM.
[...] Ahoj všichni! Jak jste si asi všimli, tak na translate.liferay.com vznikl konečně projekt Liferay Portal. Pootle hlásí, že je třeba věnovat pozornost asi 3500 slovům. 6.1 by měla vyjít už brzy. Co... [...] Read More
Posted on 6/3/11 2:11 PM.
[...] Sziasztok, A fordítási hibákat egyszerűbben is lehet javítani: ha beléptek a pootle-be, ott küldhettek javításokat a nyelvi fájlokhoz. Itt találtok több információt a pootle-ről:... [...] Read More
Posted on 4/12/12 10:43 AM.